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Relocation, Relocation....

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LadyOfWaffle Wed 28-Jan-09 19:59:06

All gather here grin

bluebump Wed 28-Jan-09 20:00:59

This looks a good one!

TheInnocentBystander Wed 28-Jan-09 20:01:07

Nice beard!

LadyOfWaffle Wed 28-Jan-09 20:01:36

<<rubs hands together>>

bagsforlife Wed 28-Jan-09 20:01:37

Oh dear...

TheInnocentBystander Wed 28-Jan-09 20:01:41

C'mon lets start slagging them off early!

TheInnocentBystander Wed 28-Jan-09 20:02:37

God the beards run in the family.

Sparkletastic Wed 28-Jan-09 20:03:25

Sooooo insipid - they should really only have good-looking OR annoying people on this show....

Sparkletastic Wed 28-Jan-09 20:03:50

Actually - 'hip area' and 'scene' means they are annoying - job done.

MakemineaGandT Wed 28-Jan-09 20:04:47

she seems quite normal. he seems ver ver odd.....

TheInnocentBystander Wed 28-Jan-09 20:04:58

The producers must smirk in mirth when they find these people. Its like the posh peoples Jeremy Kyle. Where do they get them from?

MumtoCharlieandLola Wed 28-Jan-09 20:05:05

Evening ladies, time for the weekly slag off (except that it wasn't on last week sad)

TheInnocentBystander Wed 28-Jan-09 20:06:39

Sorry to mention it again but how can she kiss him with THAT BEARD shock

bagsforlife Wed 28-Jan-09 20:06:51

Are they half witted or something?

LadyOfWaffle Wed 28-Jan-09 20:08:02

THat flat is nice

MumtoCharlieandLola Wed 28-Jan-09 20:08:09

oh bugger ds1 is humping the bed again and ds2 wants a drink of water - do they not realise what night it is !

Back soon

peggotty Wed 28-Jan-09 20:08:26

They're both like gawky adolescent 70's throwbacks!!

squeaver Wed 28-Jan-09 20:09:24

They look like the illustrations in the Joy of Sex.

LadyOfWaffle Wed 28-Jan-09 20:09:34


TheInnocentBystander Wed 28-Jan-09 20:09:45

HE reminds me of the man out of the original Joy of Sex books

TheInnocentBystander Wed 28-Jan-09 20:10:15

LOL snap Squeaver!

Sparkletastic Wed 28-Jan-09 20:10:38

squeaver I sooooooooo just said that to my DH - the 'not so noughties' version!!

Sparkletastic Wed 28-Jan-09 20:11:06

Well it's official!!

squeaver Wed 28-Jan-09 20:11:49

grin and blush that that's what I thought.

TheConstantIroner Wed 28-Jan-09 20:12:12

70's ......Beardy Man from Joy of Sex book grin

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