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HSMM Mon 26-Jan-09 09:33:32

Does anyone know when Merlin is coming back on? My DD is driving me mad asking!

coppertop Mon 26-Jan-09 13:32:16

I think it's supposed to be on in September.

sphil Tue 27-Jan-09 10:08:44

Do your DSes like it CT? DS1 LOVES it!

belgo Tue 27-Jan-09 10:09:44

I thought it was fab. Can't wait for it to return.

coppertop Wed 28-Jan-09 13:35:58

Ds2 is mad about it. He loves things like dragons and griffins so his eyes were virtually on stalks for the entire series.

It's a shame the DVDs are so pricey though. The BBC always seem to charge twice as much as everyone else for their box-sets.

sphil Wed 28-Jan-09 14:27:48

DS1 got a brilliant book for Christmas - 'Dragonology'. It's full of the most wonderful pictures and things like pieces of dragon skin! The text is quite complex though - can't remember how old DS2 is, but I think younger than DS1?(7.5).

coppertop Wed 28-Jan-09 19:54:45

Ds2 has that book too!

The text is a bit beyond him atm (he's 5) but he loves the illustrations in it.

sphil Wed 28-Jan-09 21:04:17

I love the one at the end with the jewel for an eye!

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