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I dont suppose anyone watches " Rescue Me" on sky one

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cod Mon 04-Apr-05 19:11:09

Message withdrawn

Twiglett Mon 04-Apr-05 19:12:38


cod Mon 04-Apr-05 19:16:41

Message withdrawn

Twiglett Mon 04-Apr-05 19:19:00

new gal in station house is going to screw the pants off thicko but cute

like the fat gal - loved the reaction to his reaction to the bulimia line

special favourite is the old feckers wandering round in their trolleys smoking joints and drinking spirit miniatures

cod Mon 04-Apr-05 19:20:42

Message withdrawn

Twiglett Mon 04-Apr-05 19:22:54

lvoe dennis leary

RTMTMML Mon 04-Apr-05 19:32:57

It's brilliant. We POSL every week. Dennis Leary is amazing. We used to watch in the Police drama he did. The Job. Both series seem to be about him bedding as many women as he can, whilst drinking as much as he can and smoking as much as he can. Love it!

DaddyCool Tue 05-Apr-05 12:37:57

fantastic show. i've watched it from the beginning. PMSL @:

"you look like the marlboro man"

"you think?!"

"yeah... if the marlboro man smoked cock instead of cigarettes"

i couldn't stop laughing and i got dirty looks from DW all night.

Enid Tue 05-Apr-05 12:41:31

I only watched it once, it was brilliant but forgot to sky plus it. I want to watchi it from the beginning so let me know if they repeat it.

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