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Kelly Brook booted off BGT already................

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lottiejenkins Tue 20-Jan-09 10:58:23

I wonder if there is more to this than i saidn in the article?? hmm

VinegarTits Tue 20-Jan-09 11:03:00

I think Cowell was probably trying to do what he did with X factor and Cheryl Cole

(add a bit of eye candy iykwim)

Then probably realised his mistake after seeing how wooden she is

FairyMum Tue 20-Jan-09 11:04:19

Perhaps that was the PR stunt. Hire and then sack her. Gets lots of press.

Pingping Tue 20-Jan-09 11:05:25

Thank god for that she is awful.

CC would be good on BGT

whitenoise Tue 20-Jan-09 11:05:49

i caught an interview with her yesterday...she never mentioned it although she DID talk about her upcoming projects.

complications wit filming?? How complicated could it be to focus on another person every so often? Unless she was demanding her own lighting and only to be viewed from the left between the hours of 10:30 and 2:30 and only if you are wearing yellow@??

CreativeZen Tue 20-Jan-09 11:37:17

Why was she chosen as a judge in the first place? She has no talent of her own to speak of and spends most of her time smiling that vacuous grin and trading on her looks - which is OK if you're just a model but she seems to think that looking good means you are good at everything.

MamaG Tue 20-Jan-09 11:38:35

she is lovely to look at, but agree she's a crap presenter/TV type

Stick to getting your norks out, there's a good girl <MamaG the feminist>

MamaG Tue 20-Jan-09 11:39:14

(first read thread as "booted off BGD" and thought "what the feck is BigGitDad doing with Kelly brooke?")

TheCrackFox Tue 20-Jan-09 13:42:41

CreativeZen, you are so right about her lack of talent. Exactly the same could be said about Amanda Holden.

minko Tue 20-Jan-09 17:44:28

Oh, it's just a stunt, like when they fired Louis, or whatever happened. It's ridiculous how Mr Cowell plays us all for fools these days.

FairLadyRantALot Wed 21-Jan-09 16:05:57

well...sacking her would be a good thing...I mean I can watch her easily,well, that is until she opens her trap and comes out with whatever shite she comes out with...barf...
honest that girlish giggle and all that really grates on me

ilovemydogandMrObama Wed 21-Jan-09 16:10:09

Question: How could 4 judges not work on Britain's Got Talent, but work on The X Factor hmm

CreativeZen Wed 21-Jan-09 16:42:31

Well, she's laughing all the way to the bank. She's got a £100K pay-off. Hey, I'd be willing to be sacked from a job I can't do for that sort of money grin.

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