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paul burrell

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southeastastra Fri 16-Jan-09 19:07:59

yes i'm sad. but did anyone watch?

what do you think was on the diana tape

PuzzleRocks Fri 16-Jan-09 23:41:15

Bumping for you.

MaryAnnSingleton Fri 16-Jan-09 23:42:40

he turns my stomach

mrsmaidamess Fri 16-Jan-09 23:43:39

Yes I watched it. But can I first just congratulate Puzzlerocks who is doing a stirling job all over MN tonight bumping furiously for every one.

I was amazed the whole 'gay thing came out so candidly. I mean, there was NO disputing it this time.

From what the reporter said, the tape spoke of the rape of that footman by a 'Member of the Royal Household'. That doesn't mean a member of the Royal Family though, does it?

mrsmaidamess Fri 16-Jan-09 23:44:05

They are doing a Dodi one on Monday I think, or sometime next week.

PuzzleRocks Fri 16-Jan-09 23:45:24

Thank you wink

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