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is anyone else secretly relieved that "telly addicts" exists? At least I'm not alone?

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OhBling Tue 13-Jan-09 14:24:19

Am mildly concerned at how often I am interested in, or know the answer to, questions in this section. I wonder if perhaps I watch too much tv!?!?!?!

dietstartstomorrow Tue 13-Jan-09 18:18:54

I love the Telly addicts topic, but I do watch too much TV wink

CatMandu Tue 13-Jan-09 18:20:08

No, not me wink.

meridian Wed 14-Jan-09 19:28:24

I'm American its in my blood to be a couch potato... thats my excuse and I'm sticking to it.. grin

serenity Wed 14-Jan-09 19:35:13

It didn't have its own section when I joined, but it was talking about TV that got me on here in the first place.

CJCregg Thu 15-Jan-09 01:13:20

Oh God, yes. I couldn't do without this section! Can't be talking about children all the livelong day, can we?

meridian Thu 15-Jan-09 16:24:48

plus this is the only place that tells me when all my shows are comming back on... does anyone know when Fringe and Terminator: Sarah Connor Cronicals come back?

what about house or Bones?

I watch waaaaayyy too much tv.. grin

webwoman05 Thu 15-Jan-09 16:46:29

This Telly Addicts section is a bit like an online version of discussing what was on tv last night around the water cooler at work! I just love it!

It sometimes reminds me when certain programmes are on when I might otherwise miss them. You have to be careful with spoilers though if you sky + stuff and don't get round to watching things for a few days!

tiredsville Thu 15-Jan-09 19:02:12

Im not a telly addict as such, but I love gossiping, bitching and being opinionated on what I have have watched, especially reality TV shows. Yum yum.

EyeballsintheSky Thu 15-Jan-09 19:04:12

I don't watch much tv but I get carried away with stuff I do watch. For example, when is Ronnie going to find out about Danielle in Eastenders. I'm waiting for;

'I'm not your muvva!"
"Yes you are!"

serenity Fri 16-Jan-09 19:29:05

Bones is back in the US next week, so I hope we'll get it back the week after? House is usually on over the summer so another couple of months maybe? Not sure on the other two without checking (have a look on, it's pretty good for that sort of stuff)

meridian Fri 16-Jan-09 19:54:37

serenity- you know you are enabling my addiction right? grin

FriendNeedsHelp Fri 16-Jan-09 19:57:03

The thing I like best about this board is when something really watercoolerish is on (like that woman in 'Relocation' last week) and you can have company for your yelling and swearing at the box grin.

It's a great service!

serenity Sat 17-Jan-09 01:09:15


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