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CSI NY season 5 - anyone else excited?

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lucasnorth Mon 05-Jan-09 10:03:22

I can't wait

saltiresaysSANTA Mon 05-Jan-09 10:16:05

Ooh, when does it start? We missed the last season of CSI Miami, becasue for some reason channel 5, 5US and fiver were all playing up - the picture would go blank for a few seconds, adn do this 6/7 times in a minute. Then we had strong winds one night and it sorted itself out.
I love CSI NY - I have a soft spot for Gary Sinise!blush

lucasnorth Mon 05-Jan-09 10:44:02

Wikipedia says it starts on Saturday night on five. Hope your signal is up to it!
My affections waver between Mac and Danny, but either way I'm happy to watch Don't know why but I never got into Vegas or Miami really, but have watched all of the NY ones pretty religiously.

saltiresaysSANTA Mon 05-Jan-09 10:45:49

I quite like Vegas, especially now that misery guts sara has left. Miami we watch for the hysttericalness of it - Horatio-hands-on-hips-glasses-off-glasses-on-again promising every single victim "I will find who did this to you"

meridian Mon 05-Jan-09 12:36:56

finally a good show is on again.. I didn't know it was starting Saturday though.. so thank you..

I must admit we watch them all.. I like Vegas most but really just watch Miami for the cheese factor..

PersonalClown Mon 05-Jan-09 12:42:29

NY is back on Saturday..Vegas is the Tuesday after!!!!
Series 9 of Vegas must be watched. The first episodes a blubber!! I cried! ( i have a site to watch them on wink)

And Miami fans.. watch This!

lucasnorth Mon 05-Jan-09 18:09:04

Yes, I don't know why five don't put more effort into publicising it, as I guess they must be paying a fair amount for it (even if they do get their CSI 3 for the price of 2 or something wink). I couldn't find anything on their website about it and haven't seen any trailers.

Afraid the ridiculousness of Miami was a turn-off for me (in a funny way, similar to how I could never get "in" to Dr Who {ducks fast})

Anyway, glad if I've helped some not to miss NY. Enjoy

ElfOnTheTopShelf Mon 05-Jan-09 20:24:23

am so excited about it starting. with ny starting on sat, and vegas the following tue, I'm going to be in a tizz!

meridian Mon 05-Jan-09 21:21:24

*hangs head in shame* I'm so out of the loop of everything I didn't know vegas was back as well soon.... at least it fills the gaps on the sky+ where all the rest of the shows we were watching have all dissapeared for a bit... to reappear sometime in feb..for terminator and bones too I think... angry

ElfOnTheTopShelf Mon 05-Jan-09 21:27:12

yes, Prison Break and Burn Notice and Fringe are on hold at the minute for me, gutted!

meridian Tue 06-Jan-09 15:17:23

Elf- oh yeas forgot about fringe... missed the start of burn notice so waiting for it to begin again sometime... and whenever they start the next season of Supernatural... *taps fingers impaciently*

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