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What else should we be watching - will tell you what we like...

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Flamespar Wed 31-Dec-08 21:16:44

Dark Angel
Prison Break (me not DH)

Just downloading True Blood

Give us some series please!! They are all on hold til Feb

gallusbesom Thu 01-Jan-09 08:53:08

Flamespar I'm the same - missing all my downloaded shows! Loving Chuck Supernatural and Heroes too - also d/l Criminal Minds (FBI behavioural investigation unit who profile murderers, etc) Kitchen Nightmares USA, but think these too have stopped til Feb.

Do you know when Lost airs in the USA?

Will watch this thread with interest and I'll do a bit of hunting on the net to see whats good

compo Thu 01-Jan-09 08:54:28

Have you seen House? It's fab. Also Bones.

gallusbesom Thu 01-Jan-09 08:58:11

Just read about True Blood - will start d/ling that now

CoteDAzur Thu 01-Jan-09 09:41:49

Criminal Minds
Eleventh Hour

Flamespar Thu 01-Jan-09 11:53:15

Ohh will get d/l a load of those. We love House

I'm getting impatient for The Dollhouse to start

gallusbesom Fri 02-Jan-09 07:22:55

I'm sure I read somewhere that Supernatural airs again on the 14 Jan in the US

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