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flamesparrow Sun 27-Mar-05 19:04:23

I saw on Friday that Earthsea would be on today, and have been frantically trying to read it since (wanted to read then watch)... I got halfway through and thought I might as well go from there....

WTF did they do to it???? Did they read it 20 years ago and then decide to make the programme based on memory???

It really wouldn't have mattered had I read none of the book (I probably would have enjoyed it more), as I am now fuming about how much they changed - the biggest being his real bloody name!!! Why switch them???

Grrr, Argghh and Grrr again!!!

GeorginaA Sun 27-Mar-05 19:36:49

Glad I didn't see it, flamesparrow. The Earthsea trilogy is one of my favourite reads... would have been so angry.

flamesparrow Sun 27-Mar-05 19:38:56

Still fuming.....

fuzzywuzzy Sun 27-Mar-05 19:39:19

which channel was it on??

flamesparrow Sun 27-Mar-05 19:45:05

Channel 4

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