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Did anyone else hear parts of the Graham Norton show over Dr Who last night?

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Twiglett Sun 27-Mar-05 14:31:04

Was that a major cock-up or what?

unicorn Sun 27-Mar-05 14:34:43

ahh that's what it was...we did wonder..!!!

Tiggiwinkle Sun 27-Mar-05 14:35:09

We heard it too!

Twiglett Sun 27-Mar-05 14:38:05

DH recognised his voice

bet someone's getting their backside kicked

tribpot Sun 27-Mar-05 14:38:46

Yup, wondered what on earth it was!

coppertop Sun 27-Mar-05 14:45:19

Yep and it was bl**dy annoying. I hate GN's voice at the best of times but I definitely don't want to hear it on Doctor Who!

LeahE Sun 27-Mar-05 16:03:13

I thought I was hallucinating -- especially as the other people I was watching it with didn't seem to notice. Phew!

JanH Sun 27-Mar-05 16:13:48

<<I loved it, and I especially loved Graham Norton's impromptu audio cameo when the Autons were after Rose - best bit of the show - who'd have thought Norton's voice could fit a bad guy so succinctly! Will he be making an appearance in the remaining shows; I can't wait to see what he says next!! Maybe "Exterminate, Exterminate!">>

Opinion from BBC website

I didn't watch it - was it intentional or not then?

jackeroo Sun 27-Mar-05 21:53:41

unintentional apparantly - heard it from someone who worked on the series!

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