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howl's moving castle

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southeastastra Sun 28-Dec-08 12:41:03

anyone see this?? scary stuff grin wish it was on later as i missed the first bit.

lou33 Sun 28-Dec-08 12:41:53

i have seen it with my kids, those films are great

cornsilk Sun 28-Dec-08 12:41:59

Is it on now? It's fab - I saw it at the pics.

Saturn74 Sun 28-Dec-08 12:42:48

It's an amazing film.

southeastastra Sun 28-Dec-08 12:50:38

they hid it with an early showing didn't they only caught it by chance.

Marina Sun 28-Dec-08 12:54:38

It's readily available on DVD though sea. Like lou, am a huge Miyazaki fan. I like Spirited Away and My Neighbour Totoro even better!

southeastastra Sun 28-Dec-08 12:58:20

i'll have to get them marina, missed the first bit of spirited away too and haven't seen my neighbour totoro.

it's so freaky but totally mesmerising

Marina Sun 28-Dec-08 13:08:04

My Neighbour Totoro is a really sweet film - suitable for younger viewers as the plot is not so convoluted.

lou33 Sun 28-Dec-08 17:03:43

oh spirited away is brilliant i think

ScummyMummy Sun 28-Dec-08 17:37:35

It is brilliant, isn't it? Love the Diana Wynne-Jones book it's based on too. And all DWJ books in fact. And the other Miyazaki films I've seen.

southeastastra Sun 28-Dec-08 17:43:01

ooh My Neighbour Totoro is on filmfour at 1pm on new year's day

poshwellies Sun 28-Dec-08 17:50:57

Spirited Away is a brillaint film-agree with marina and Lou,we have quite a few Studio Ghibli films,all stunning.

Also recommend Princess Mononoke and The Cat Returns.

OrmIrian Sun 28-Dec-08 18:46:56

brilliant! I love Studio Ghibli.

FC brought DH Porco Rosso for christmas.

Joanie Mon 29-Dec-08 15:56:16

Amazing, spellbinding - such imagination.
Confusing though!
Spirited away was a bit more adult I thought.

nct73 Wed 31-Dec-08 21:09:22

Spotted it was on & meant to record Howl as is one I havent seen as big fan of Ghibli films and loved DWJ as a child. Unfortunately didnt spot early slot & turned on by chance having already missed the first 10 mins. Gave DD age 2 her first into to these films with Kiki's Delivery Service which is another fun & charming one. She was mesmerised which is rare for her with films & tv. Has asked to watch again.

sphil Wed 31-Dec-08 23:45:19

Oh DS1 loved this! I only caught bits unfortunately as I was busy. Must watch out for others being on TV.

nct73 Thu 01-Jan-09 20:10:48

My Neighbour Totoro is often on Film4.

southeastastra Thu 01-Jan-09 20:13:54

we watched my neighbour totoro today and saw the cat returns yesterday.watched with my ds(7) who was glued to them.

will really have to search out the other films.

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