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Hey Dumbledoresgirl / ExpatinScotland !!

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lucasnorth Mon 15-Dec-08 10:25:06

Just seen this thread
and was wondering how you know he's gay??
'Cos I had wondered, after seeing interviews. But I'm just nosy like that...
Won't stop my pregnancy-fuelled dreams though... wink

lucasnorth Mon 15-Dec-08 14:04:53

bumpity bump

lucasnorth Mon 15-Dec-08 18:24:32

Sorry, should prob have introduced myself. But profile should be viewable?
Am a long-time mumsnet-lurker who recently started to chat...

DumbledoresGirl Wed 17-Dec-08 09:38:52

I have no idea if he is or isnt to be truthful with you (we are talking Richard Armitage here aren't we?) Someone on MN said he was and I took it from there. But if we are talking David Tennant, then no he definitely isn't gay but Expat likes winding me up because she has not yet seen the Truth about the gorgeous man!

OK, so I have answered your query, can you answer mine? I see you are reading Conn Iggulden. I have been thinking about looking at his books for ages as I am a mad keen fan of Bernard Cornwell's books and other similar books. Is he worth it do you think?

lucasnorth Wed 17-Dec-08 10:02:36

Yes, Richard Armitage. David Tennant quite clearly not (and afraid I'm with Expat there )!! I was trawling through telly threads when I saw yours and it struck me because a) you/she sounded so definite and b) I've been having some (ahem) quite vivid dreams this pregnancy and several of them have featured Lucas North. Some have even featured Guy of Gisborne despite the fact that I've never seen an episode of Robin Hood (although I will perhaps give series 3 a try wink) FAR too much info I'm sure so will move swiftly on...

Conn Iggulden I started reading because some friends stayed for a week and as a thank-you they gave me the third Mongol book. So being a perfectionist I went out and got the first two, rather than start at the end. They were OK - I got through all three of them - but they haven't passed the acid test of being kept; they've gone to the charity shop. I too love Bernard Cornwell and for me the Iggulden ones aren't as good (don't get caught up in his characters in the same way); but then I'm not as interested in Mongols as I am Peninsular War / Arthurian legend etc. Have you read Dissolution by C J Sansom? It's a crime/sleuth novel in medieval London/SE England, the first of a series, and I'd recommend it more highly than the Igguldens myself. Second in the series (Dark Fire) not great but third (Sovereign) tops. Fourth one is out and have restrained myself in the hope that Santa has got my heavy hints throughout the year...

Anyway, no great conclusion I'm afraid. Does anyone you know have the Iggulden books for a no-risk trial?!

DumbledoresGirl Wed 17-Dec-08 10:16:07

Ah thanks for that. That is great. I didn't dare ask if you were a Cornwell fan and could compare him with Iggulden as I know Cornwell is not normally a woman's read. But the fact that you are able to make that direct comparison for me is great. I will still try to have a look at one of his books when I am in a bookshop one day but I imagine I will feel the same way as you about them.

I will definitely look for C J Sansom too. I have never heard of those books but I am always on the look out for gritty historical novels (as opposed to soppy romantic ones).

Unfortunately I have a feeling I have some tough reads ahead. I foolishly put Tim Severin on my Christmas list as I heard he had written some Viking novels but I have since read that they are rather hard to get through. Like you, though, I tend to feel obliged to read anything that is given to me.

Don't lose too much sleep over Richard. (sounds like you are doing the opposite in fact!) I have enjoyed many a fantasy with gay men at the centre. In your mind, they can be whatever you want them to be! wink

lucasnorth Wed 17-Dec-08 13:03:33

Absolutely - whether someone is gay or straight in real life makes no difference.
It is almost always characters rather than actors that I seem to go for, making real life irrelevant; and anyway (as a good friend of mine put it) 'that does not materially affect my chances of pulling him'.

In fact it strikes me (Spooks nerd) that they've had several characters operate honey traps (Adam with the Iranian consul's wife, Ros with the slimy financier...) but never a same sex one. Doubt they ever would for fear of putting off the female fans but you never know... Could be rather yummy.

Regarding books - definitely have a look yourself at the Igguldens next time you're in a bookshop. In his defence I think his female characters are rather more three dimensional than Cornwell's (one of my very few gripes with the Sharpe series). But given the period and topic they're still not the heart of the books so it doesn't make up for the lack of engagement I felt generally. May well just be me though! It's one of the things I miss now I have a toddler- being able to wander into a bookshop, have a coffee and read the first chapter of something I'm not sure I'll like or not.

Oh, and hope you like the Sansoms if you do dig them out Not heard of Tim Severin so interested to hear how you go with that, if you get given it

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