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Dr Who - What age should children watch from ?

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Kayleigh Mon 21-Mar-05 15:41:42

Am thinking my ds1 (almost 7) might like the new Dr Who series. I can remember loving it when I was young, but also being dead scared. Think it used to be on much earlier - around 5:30. The new series is on at 7:00 and I don't want him having nightmares.

Anyone read/heard anything ?

Yorkiegirl Mon 21-Mar-05 15:44:19

Message withdrawn

suzywong Mon 21-Mar-05 15:44:35

no but, it's making me want to Woooo-ooooooooooooo-OO the theme tune very loudly

I was watching an old episode with Tom Baker recently and he had a fantastic line. He was being held at gunpoint and his captor picked up the phone to make a call and Tom says, in his hammy way; " If that's the butler I'm rather partial to muffins at this time of day"

Sponge Mon 21-Mar-05 15:47:56

I found it quite scary as a kid of about 7. This was the Jon Pertwee version. And this one does look a bit darker. Quite looking forward to it myslef though - I love Christopher Eccleston.

Kayleigh Mon 21-Mar-05 15:48:43

Oh good idea re taping Yorkiegirl. Why didn't I think of that [dazed emoticon]

Saw Billy Biper on Parky on sat night. Thought she came across well.

Enid Mon 21-Mar-05 15:49:25

suzywong lol

Tinker Mon 21-Mar-05 15:57:03

My daughter is nearly 8 and I've been trying to encourage her to watch it from the trailers. She thinks it looks boring . I'll be watching for CE, Nowt wrong with a bit of scaring, I really did watch it from behind the settee.

Noggermum Mon 21-Mar-05 16:04:48

I have seen episode one (the one that was leaked onto the internet) - action packed and the special effects are definitely more realistic than before eg explosions and dustbins coming to life and eating people!! Can't comment on how your own child would cope with that as each child is different but am not sure I would want my 6 year old watching it - that said, I watched it as a kid from about age 3 and I don't think it has scarred me for life or anything! Why don't you watch episode one without child and then make the judgement call?

Kayleigh Tue 22-Mar-05 12:50:27

Discussed it with dh last night and we will tape the first episode and watch it first before making a decision. Thanks for your help.

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