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HUNKERMUNKER Sat 19-Mar-05 22:19:13

In case anyone wants to get off MN and watch him

HUNKERMUNKER Sat 19-Mar-05 22:19:49

Sorry, on Parkinson, ITV1 (RTKanga, your job's obviously safe )

dinny Sat 19-Mar-05 22:22:53

watching, HM. think he's doing amazing stuff now but remember watching him on the ringmain (on BP) and he was so full of it off-air.

JoolsToo Sat 19-Mar-05 22:52:43

he was good - I never used to like him - but I've really grown to love him!

HUNKERMUNKER Sat 19-Mar-05 22:53:59

I like what he's full of now, Dinny And I hope that he kicks Tony Blair's arse from here to next week when he meets him!

Blossomhill Sat 19-Mar-05 22:55:12

He's great. Done so much for others. Very selfless, lovable character. I love him

lockets Sat 19-Mar-05 22:56:47

Message withdrawn

whatsername Sat 19-Mar-05 22:56:55

I think he's great too, but ewan mcgregor's on now <drool>

gingerbear Sat 19-Mar-05 22:58:24

So WTF is he still happy being paid by Sainsbury's to advertise the srap they sell??

And polluted, coloured farmed salmon??

I think he is doing great things for kids food, but there are double standards here somewhere.

And I feel sorry for long suffering Jools.

soapbox Sat 19-Mar-05 22:58:26

He's just grown up really

When he first hit our screens he was young and a bit too much really!

Now he's matured a bit and found a cause or two he really has found his measure.

A very likable guy - the moreso as he could just have opted to line his own pockets and given nothing back.

Rumour has it that his 15 project was backed by him personally at some significant risk to all that he had earned to date!

soapbox Sat 19-Mar-05 22:59:37

Gingerbeer - I think Sainsbury's is effectively what pays for him to train the chefs at 15! I suppose its a bit of needs must for him

gingerbear Sat 19-Mar-05 23:01:54

probably right Soapbox, but it irritates me.

Newbarnsleygirl Sat 19-Mar-05 23:02:05

The man is fabulous.

I now have fallen in love with him!

JoolsToo Sat 19-Mar-05 23:03:12

oh - thought you meant me for minute there

whatsername Sat 19-Mar-05 23:04:18

I think he is a genuinely nice person who is prepared to put himself and his reputation on the line for others. That warrants a huge amount of respect imo.

Blossomhill Sat 19-Mar-05 23:04:30

gingerbear Sat 19-Mar-05 23:05:40

Are you long suffering too Joolstoo??

gingerbear Sat 19-Mar-05 23:06:48

He must have spent an awful long time away from home during this latest campaign.

JoolsToo Sat 19-Mar-05 23:08:33

nah - take it all on the chin me!

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