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chipmunkswhereareyou Sun 23-Nov-08 21:17:01

Why am I watching this when I know it's just going to freak me out??

TrillianAstra Sun 23-Nov-08 21:25:51

Did you recognise the music playing when the girl in silver went back to the rich man's flat? Assuming you're still watching that is. It really bugs me when I don't know where I've heard it before.

bythepowerofgreyskull Sun 23-Nov-08 21:26:49

Romeo and Juliet sound track

TrillianAstra Sun 23-Nov-08 21:28:45

I love MN! Thanks!

chipmunkswhereareyou Sun 23-Nov-08 21:29:01

Oh damn I need the toilet....going to miss a bit

bythepowerofgreyskull Sun 23-Nov-08 21:30:31

prime minister died

chipmunkswhereareyou Sun 23-Nov-08 21:31:46

I guess I could just miss the next 10 mins anyway as all that matters is nearly everyone dies...

chipmunkswhereareyou Sun 23-Nov-08 21:32:05

Did the mum of the boy who'd had leukemia die?

chipmunkswhereareyou Sun 23-Nov-08 21:32:20

Oh ignore me I just saw that

MissusH Sun 23-Nov-08 21:32:36

got as far as dr who lady seeing the bodies at the hosp when dd2 had crying fit....

just going back to it now,,,

TrillianAstra Sun 23-Nov-08 21:33:14

I'm actually thinking 'hurry up and die, everyone'. Was hoping that Dr Who's assistant would survive though.

TrillianAstra Sun 23-Nov-08 21:34:21

How come so many people just died quietly without any mess, when before it was like flu?

chipmunkswhereareyou Sun 23-Nov-08 21:35:45

Definitely not viewing for children me thinks - it's freaking me out enough and I'm an adult!

chipmunkswhereareyou Sun 23-Nov-08 21:39:05

How come that guy's got electricity to listen to music in his headphones?

KatyMac Sun 23-Nov-08 21:44:29

It's not on Regulaly on a sunday night is it?

I hate it when the BBC dot it around everywhere

How are they going to deal with the rotting bodies?
Where were the fires - when the lights go out, people light fires

TrillianAstra Sun 23-Nov-08 21:46:05

Too quick for people to be lighting fires, they all just died simultaneously (not very virus-like).

His music runs on batteries, obviously grin

Bella73 Sun 23-Nov-08 21:48:03

This is weird isn't it? It's a flu, but then suddenly people are just dying where they sit, all at once....? And how come people seemingly died then woke up again 5 days later?? Bit odd...

TrillianAstra Sun 23-Nov-08 21:48:20

So: what would you be doing first?
Find other people?
Get looting (food and essentials, onbiously)?
Get yourself to a farm where you can grow things (with a fireplace to keep warm)?

chipmunkswhereareyou Sun 23-Nov-08 21:48:44

has she taken any food with her?

Bella73 Sun 23-Nov-08 21:49:11

I'd get looting cos after 5 days without eating I'd be blimmin' starving, right?

or obviously I'd be driving off to find my son.... yeah, that's what I meant to say...

chipmunkswhereareyou Sun 23-Nov-08 21:49:45

I knew all the ones who were vaguely well known actors/ actresses would survive grin

TrillianAstra Sun 23-Nov-08 21:49:57

DP: ooh, he has an AUdi R8. The things men notice.

Bella73 Sun 23-Nov-08 21:50:57

"not allowed to accept lifts from strange men" grin

TrillianAstra Sun 23-Nov-08 21:51:47

I think the kid will look after him

Bella73 Sun 23-Nov-08 21:52:09

I'm so sad, I'm tsk'ing away at his driving thinking "shouldn't he be driving more sensibly to conserve fuel?"

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