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desperate housewives

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sweetmonkey Thu 17-Mar-05 14:38:24

i fell asleep before the end of it last night, can anyone tell me what happened please

sophy Thu 17-Mar-05 18:00:48

How far did you get?

dabihp Thu 17-Mar-05 18:39:40

sweetmonkey Fri 18-Mar-05 10:28:38

i saw up until gabrielle was in shopping mall advertising the car, last thing iremember about it

mrsflowerpot Fri 18-Mar-05 10:34:36

ok, see how much I can remember!

Lynette confronted her dh about fancying the nanny, he denied it but was caught staring at her boobs so they are sacking her.

Bree went on date with pharmacist bloke to pee off ex-h, her son found out their dad had been having affair and told her to kick him out, she told him ex-h was love of her life even if marriage was over.

Susan went to karaoke place with Mike, her ex-h and Edie (who ex-h had invited), Edie told her that she and the ex-h had had a snog/grope while he and Susan were still married. All kicked off in bar. Ex-h came round next day to apologise and ask her to take him back, she said no and went and told Mike she loved him (aah). Police were there when she went round.

Gabrielle got sick of being broke so fished Carlos' charred passport out of fire and phoned solicitor to say she'd found it.

Finally, creepy widower bloke who killed Mrs Huber went back to the body, took some jewellery off it and put it in sexy Mike the plumber's house. Body was found at the end of the programme.

mrsflowerpot Fri 18-Mar-05 10:35:45

I am sad addict...

munnzieb Fri 18-Mar-05 10:39:24

ooh yes mike is most definatly sexy! I blame my firend, she's got me hooked on it - that and the fact they give u a taster of next weeks episode (so u have to watch it!)

sweetmonkey Fri 18-Mar-05 10:40:08

thanks for that , must be more awake next week!!!

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