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Coronation St - Is 'Kay-ee' 'Arris doing your head in too?

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JoolsToo Mon 14-Mar-05 20:35:22

All that rocking from foot to foot and shaking non-stop - she'd make a crackin' vibrator!

angelmama72 Mon 14-Mar-05 20:40:31

God she is so depressing......does my head in watching her!!!!

PuffTheMagicDragon Mon 14-Mar-05 20:42:58

Yes, a bit 1 dimensional for me, though not as bad as Dev:

"Baaayyybssss, I neeeeed you!"

Gobbledigook Mon 14-Mar-05 20:59:00

Oh yeah, she is getting right up my nose!! Can't wait for her to pop off!

And the Ray and Deidre storyline is bloody boring too. Yawn.

sacha3taylor Mon 14-Mar-05 21:00:20

Love Chesney though, he is hilarious!!!!!!!!!!!!!

JoolsToo Mon 14-Mar-05 21:00:29

Oh, I like the Ray thing.

what I thought was cracking on Corrie last week was we had all the drama of the murder then it switched to Sean grieving for Shandy (you came and you gave without taking) - Classic Corrie

Gobbledigook Mon 14-Mar-05 21:01:34

Oh yeah, that was funny!!

JT did you see 'Tonight' about disruption in the classrooms? OMG! Me thinks tis time to bring back the slipper

JoolsToo Mon 14-Mar-05 21:02:16

no and I'm glad - I'd just have fumed!

Gobbledigook Mon 14-Mar-05 21:04:03

You would I tell ya!!

fairyfly Mon 14-Mar-05 21:04:09

it just made me cry, wierd

JoolsToo Mon 14-Mar-05 21:07:48

wot Corrie or Tonight?

fairyfly Mon 14-Mar-05 21:12:07

Corrie tonight, deirdre barlow made me cry, slightly embarassed

KathH Mon 14-Mar-05 22:50:20

my mum made the shock confession today that she used to fancy Ray Langton !

lucy5 Mon 14-Mar-05 22:52:06

I wish someone would crack her over the head with a spanner. Hahaha!

milge Mon 14-Mar-05 22:56:02

At least she has stopped going on about killing Martins's"behbeh" and has stopped saying " i hayte you". the sooner she kills herself the better. Her acting is truly terrible, beaten only by the guy who plays Mubbs in Holby - he is a speaking wooden top.

joash Mon 14-Mar-05 23:01:58

Is this cruel or funny - Dh asked me tongith ... Why has Katy Harris got an attack of the "Judy Finnegans"?

joash Mon 14-Mar-05 23:02:12

tongith - tonight even

sparklymieow Mon 14-Mar-05 23:03:00

doesn't she kill herself??? Don't watch Corrie myself, but read up whats happening in mags!!

JoolsToo Mon 14-Mar-05 23:04:16

is she going to kill herself then?

I wish her mother would - Kay-ee and Mah-in - does she not know there is a 't' in the english language?

charleypops Mon 14-Mar-05 23:13:06

She's not as bad as actor as David Platt!

JoolsToo Mon 14-Mar-05 23:16:32

or, as someone else as said, Dev!

she's rubbish at the mo tho!

zenia Mon 14-Mar-05 23:16:35

Apparently the whole family are going out of it, so I guess they get relocated with a new identity

Fimbo Mon 14-Mar-05 23:16:38

LOl at Mildge - there's an MN'r on here who knows Mubbs in RL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

lucy5 Mon 14-Mar-05 23:18:19

The worst one has to be danny in eastenders, he really is a woodentop!

JoolsToo Mon 14-Mar-05 23:25:30

Eastenders? ! wash your mouth out

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