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Shameless plug- The Pinky and Perky show is back on Monday

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hatrickortreat Fri 31-Oct-08 23:58:18

Message withdrawn

callmeovercautious Sat 01-Nov-08 00:01:25

Have I missed something? Are you a sound engineer? You would love my DH grin

I loved this as a kid so I am looking forward to it - DD is all done with ITNG.

hatrickortreat Sat 01-Nov-08 00:04:30

Message withdrawn

callmeovercautious Sat 01-Nov-08 00:08:47

Well DD is 2 so I am sure she will love it - she loves Peppa so much, anything piggy is a sure thing atm smile

Nothing wrong with nepotism imo. The country was built on it!

hatrickortreat Sat 01-Nov-08 16:52:54

Message withdrawn

Threadworrm Sat 01-Nov-08 17:05:57

I loved Pinky and Perky when I was a child. I had one of their singles.

Unless the new P&P is exactly the same as the 1960s version I will be very very cross.

hatrickortreat Sat 01-Nov-08 17:08:41

Message withdrawn

Threadworrm Sat 01-Nov-08 17:10:53

Yes. Children's TV all used to be so calm. Oliver Postgate's voice still makes me want to weep peacefully in the same way as I did when my mum sang me a lullabye to sooth me. Now it is all like amphetamines.

BBBee Sat 01-Nov-08 17:12:05

when is shameless on?

hatrickortreat Sat 01-Nov-08 17:13:53

Message withdrawn

Threadworrm Sat 01-Nov-08 17:14:53

grin Still, good luck with the DH-involving new P&P.

hatrickortreat Sat 01-Nov-08 17:24:31

Message withdrawn

southeastalien Sun 02-Nov-08 11:44:32

wtf have they done with pinky and perky??!! i'm sorry that is bloody awful.

Lockets Sun 02-Nov-08 17:23:16

Message withdrawn

Lockets Mon 03-Nov-08 17:29:43

Message withdrawn

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