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eastenders tonight

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nancy75 Thu 30-Oct-08 20:22:04

if tanya got off her high horse for a minute she might remember she did bury max alive - hardly better than jacks behaviour is it?

scifinerd Thu 30-Oct-08 20:23:31

it is so depressing!!!!!!!!!!! and boring so why am I watching it?

AngeChica Thu 30-Oct-08 20:23:35

they've been trailing this episode for weeks and it's such a let down...... so far.

twinkletwinklelittledy Thu 30-Oct-08 21:48:32

i'd stay with max...xx

myredcardigan Thu 30-Oct-08 21:52:17

So who did it then???

MingMingtheWonderPet Thu 30-Oct-08 21:54:02

i agree, i thought it was going to be a good episode (what with all the hype and trailers), but it was distinctly average. Obv that Bradley has run him over, I think!

myredcardigan Thu 30-Oct-08 21:58:45

I thought Bradley then thought that was too obvious!

mamakim Thu 30-Oct-08 22:19:09

I think bradley. Who are the suspects? Bradley, jack, erm.. the daughter? Though doubt she could drive.

BabyBaby123 Fri 31-Oct-08 21:47:47

i think it might be lauren actually

BabyBaby123 Fri 31-Oct-08 21:47:48

i think it might be lauren actually

MerlinsBeard Fri 31-Oct-08 21:48:26

Dots Nick is back soon isn't he? is this paving the way for him?

nobodysghoul Fri 31-Oct-08 21:54:11

I think it was the ghost of well 'ard!

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