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ok deserate housewives. run down please.

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SpandexIsMyEnemy Sun 26-Oct-08 22:10:22

on E4 what the heck is going on??

last time I saw it susan was just having the baby?!!

NCbirdy Sun 26-Oct-08 22:11:09

They jumped 5 years

I think they got bored... grin

SpandexIsMyEnemy Sun 26-Oct-08 22:12:27

are they likely to jump back any time soon?

have I missed loads then like a whole series

PeaMcLean Sun 26-Oct-08 22:14:47

No, they just jumped. I think it's probably the start of a new series in the US but ours have run into each other.

I'm not sure how they're going to sustain the dodgy fashion thing.

Marina Sun 26-Oct-08 22:15:00

Five years have passed.
Gaby and Carlooooos have two children, one invisible and one fat.
Edie has returned with a scary, staring-eyed husband who has clearly come back to WL to settle an old score. He is dodging his parole psych.
Parker and Preston have morphed into Planet of the Apes bad boys. Lynette and Tom still have the pizza place.
Bree and Katherine have a catering business in which Katherine does all the fancy work and Bree gets the book deal. Looks like Orson is no longer in her life.
Susan and Mike split up. They had a car crash in which the other car's occupants died and couldn't live with the guilt. She is now secretly shagging her painter/decorator.

NCbirdy Sun 26-Oct-08 22:15:35

I don't think so, I think it goes like this;

Gabrielle has 2 children, one is 4 and overweight (current storyline)
Susan had baby then car accident a while later, the stress of it split her and Mike up.
The twins are 16 and teenage tearaways (running backsteet gambling etc)

I am sure others will have replied faster than me though!

NCbirdy Sun 26-Oct-08 22:16:21

Told you grin

SpandexIsMyEnemy Sun 26-Oct-08 22:19:30

pinacolada82 Sun 26-Oct-08 22:29:57

i thought that lynettes twins were younger than the other boy - but since they jumped 5 years, the twins look and seem a lot older than the other boy? im confused!!

muggglewump Sun 26-Oct-08 22:36:01

Apparently episode 5 (on tonight in US, available to Download tomorrow wink) will show some of what happenned in the last 5 years.

Marina Sun 26-Oct-08 22:42:46

I think the cast have reached an agreement with Marc Cherry that they urgently need to start acting nearer their real ages
They are all very talented but Teri Hatcher as the mother of a newborn? shock

candyfluff Mon 27-Oct-08 07:13:52

oh and brees daughter took the baby away now that she is married

NotDoingTheHousework Mon 27-Oct-08 07:53:30

Message withdrawn

LostProphet Mon 27-Oct-08 08:06:53

I'm lovin Parker's hat

llareggub Mon 27-Oct-08 08:08:45

What has happened to Lynette's other children? There were hordes of them and now it seems just the twins?

NCbirdy Mon 27-Oct-08 08:18:24

I have seen preston, porter and parker, you are right though the twins do now seem to be the oldest. I have seen no sign of penny but Kayla was shipped off to Grandparents so I guess she must tstill be there? She would be adult by now anywway wouldn't she? (she was older than Lynettes children anyway)

LostProphet Mon 27-Oct-08 08:30:27

i thought they were always the eldest, just the non-twin was more sensible.

Penny is clearly just hiding from the chaos wink

Blondeshavemorefun Wed 29-Oct-08 18:51:40

i thought twins were eldest and then younger brother by few years and then daughter -who must be about 8 now - think she was 3ish

i thought mike was dead but they broke up as the car her and mike hit, the people in it died and she felt so guilty

was trying to work out how gabby has 4.5yr daughter - she must have been heavily pregnant at last series <puzzled>

bree is with orson

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