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OK, does anything spooky *ever* happen in Most Haunted?

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LaVie Sat 25-Oct-08 22:30:50

Or are Yvette and Karl just pissing themselves at how they've made a ton of money out of just shouting and swearing a lot?

They only ever seem to hear sounds that only they can hear!

I want a good fright! Most Haunted Live has been very disappointing so far!

<LaVie wonders why she is still watching it then hmm>

BigBadMouseInHauntedHouse Sat 25-Oct-08 22:51:53

Nope - I think you have summed it up rather well in your first two lines.

I haven't seen it for ages but I remember last time I watched it I promised DH if I died while it was still running I would (in ghostie form natch) hunt down Yvette and throw a spoon at her - seemed to be the theme on there when I watched.

I can really understand why any 'spirits' might find it enjoyable.

Was better with Derek.

This ----> shock is more scary.

LaVie Sat 25-Oct-08 22:55:42


Although I couldn't stand Derek, he was so blatantly fake. I know it's a scam, they must pay everyone involved really well to get them to keep their mouths shut!

BigBadMouseInHauntedHouse Sat 25-Oct-08 22:58:41

er yes, not one of the most talented mediums was he hmm

DH saw when where Derek kept getting the same message 'Fanny loves Dick, Fanny loves Dick - I have to tell everyone that Fanny loves Dick' grin

Colin Fry is very good though - seen him live.

JadetheKnife Sat 25-Oct-08 23:00:59

there was a fantastic one where they went into the loos of an old theatre, and they kept feeling this sudden cold draft and strong smells.

It was an automatic air freshener.

I nearly PMSL grin

Twinklemegan Sat 25-Oct-08 23:01:57

Most Haunted Live has always been crap IIRC. I can't get this anymore as I only have FreeSat, but there were a few good episodes a while back. The one with the "light anomaly" that looked for all the world like a woman's sleeved arm was the best I think.

Inghouls2 Sat 25-Oct-08 23:03:59

nope and I watched and watched. given up now. Scariest thing is Yvette

LaVie Sat 25-Oct-08 23:04:40

I must admit I don't really believe mediums, but I would like to go and see one and be proved wrong. I am very sceptical though.

Perhaps watching Most Haunted as a sceptic means whatever happens I'll never believe!

I read that if an ad break happened when Derek was supposedly talking to a spirit he would immediately stop and go and have a fag and then pick up the "conversation" when on camera againshock.And that they planned where they were going to have things happen before hand. Now that I can believe, although I wish they would fake something a bit more interesting!

BigBadMouseInHauntedHouse Sat 25-Oct-08 23:07:59

rofl at automatic air freshner grin

There was another one where the 'team member' went into a supposedly poltergeist infested theatre on her own and saw a shadow on a wall. She screamed and put her arms in the air then screamed 'OMG it's waving at me!' Stupid woman was screaming at her own shadow grin

Inghouls2 Sat 25-Oct-08 23:09:56

that make up, those leather trews...honestly I'd die from fright if I meet her in a haunted castle

BigBadMouseInHauntedHouse Sat 25-Oct-08 23:09:56

I'm open minded about it all but can definitely say Colin Fry has a fantastic talent of some sort. Either he is genuine or very, very good at faking it.

KittyFloss Sat 25-Oct-08 23:15:35

God mosthaunted is so boring now, the slightest whiff of anything and they are off screaming. Especially Yvonne the big twat, she is such a control freak.

LaVie Sat 25-Oct-08 23:20:19

Loved the French and Saunders spoof of Yvette. They got her "interesting" eye make-up down to a tee!

thegrowlyghost Mon 27-Oct-08 07:28:55

Never watched it prior to Sat night (apart from spoofs of it) and made me laugh so much!

They picked up a "lady" who was making a "little whine". Yvette kept asking her to copy her and wailing slightly.

I think it might have been me they were sensing because I am a lady and I had had a little wine. I suspect the noise they could faintly hear was me laughing...

And the poor sound man "did you get that Dave?" "NO". Poor Dave.

mamadiva Mon 27-Oct-08 07:50:16

Is totally fake! I used to like it until I found that out.

On Youtube there is videos of them 'off camera' having a laugh about Dereck etc.

In one Dereck gets possessed and starts shouting Mary loves Dick and she has to cover him up hmm

He keeps shouting that then they had to stop rolling because Yvette was pissin herself and as soon as the cameras stopped Dereck burst into a fit of laughter and said 'Did you like that' thought I'd add that just for you shock

Also the cast were on way to a Live one and they said oh the cast and camera crew dont know where they are going so they cant read up anything, then it cut to the minibus and theres Yvette sitting with a book all about the place saying h listen tot his

So yes gave up watchng after that but apparently Dereck was a fake but the new guy isnt...

PurplePumpkinWitchyOne Tue 28-Oct-08 01:47:54

One of the best quotes was when they were in the Skirrid Inn and Derek earning himself an Oscar, suddenly yelled out 'he was tossed off from here'.
Makes me LMAO every time.

And I think one of the last Lives (Portsmouth I think) that Jon Dibley did, and they were all prowling around the underground cellar and Jon shouted out 'grab my bollocks, grab my bollocks' to some spirit entity or something.

Ahh, I love Most Haunted. I used to believe. MH put paid to that, now I sit on the fence.
Fake or not, it still has wonderful entertainment factor and I try not to miss it.

Just wish Yvette would bloody shut up! angry

LaVie Tue 28-Oct-08 18:58:05

lol. I love it even though it's completely fake. Just wish something would actually happen! Even if they have to fake it!

Oooh just remembered. When they were on the Queen Mary there were wet footprints that just appeared near the empty pool. Fake, but still a bit freaky!

PurplePumpkinWitchyOne Wed 29-Oct-08 03:46:15

I went to the Queen Mary a couple of years ago while visiting a mate in LA.
Trust me, the ghost tour we went on, far surpassed anything MH did. The pool was full of dry ice, and the tour guides did everything to make you shit yourself in fright. I couldn't wait to see daylight again! grin

I just wish they would catch something really really good...instead of Yvette's eyeballs and Karls nostril shots. They really should be wearing hard hats with cameras on top of them, so we see what they see. IYSWIM.

They'll never match the Pendle live ever again grin

LaVie Wed 29-Oct-08 19:51:52

Whatsisname with the bald head always gets hit or pushed doesn't he? Maybe it's written into his contract!

PurplePumpkinWitchyOne Thu 30-Oct-08 01:17:16

Maybe it's a family thing wink

Stuart is actually Yvettes cousin. Maybe they pay him a shedload of cash, to win Oscars with Karl.

Somehow, his head always reminds me of a giant Easter Egg...especially in night vision! grin

suzywong Thu 30-Oct-08 03:41:01

I love it too even though it is completely fake

I too would say close ups of Stuart are the most spooky thing on it
All this pebble chucking is just pants

I LOVE David Wells even though I think mediumship is a parlour game he does seem to be genuinely warm and even if he has checked all the salient features of a location on google minutes before he gives good "readings"

It is pretty pitiful that after god knows how many shows they can't get their act together enough to show all four legs of a table that is going to "fly"

I still watch it twice a week

And I PMSL at Yvette's not quite grammatically wholesome florid narration.

I love it

suzywong Thu 30-Oct-08 03:42:09

SPRAY@Bigbadmouse and throwing a spoon at Yvette!

PurplePumpkinWitchyOne Thu 30-Oct-08 04:54:44

Bring back the Felix!!!*protests

Should MH need to change (and they do) the format, heres what I suggest.

Get rid of the 'hangers on'
Make Kath's arse out of bounds.
Separate Stu and Karl
Bring back David Wells and Richard Felix
Lesley the historian? She's crap.Not enough detail.
Brian Shepherd should stick to drawing. (that Billy bloke looked promising. He's wasted sat on the sofa)
Put cameras on their heads.
Ditch the ouija boards
They have enough money so can we please have less ad breaks?
Julian Clegg should change his shirts to make it look like he's NOT stolen someones curtains.

And to shut the hell up so can HEAR the knock and bangs...or Stus foot against the door.

I did LOL last night at Paul Ross on that mortuary slab listeneing to the 'scratching' underneath...and those 'motherfucker' rats shock grin
I pay £16 to Sky, just to get Living channel. You'd think that we'd have seen something by now?

PurplePumpkinWitchyOne Thu 30-Oct-08 04:58:17

PPWO now heads off to bed with a series 1 dvd to compare notes....

LaVie Thu 30-Oct-08 20:05:35

Cameras on their heads. Good idea. Although then we'd see Karl pushing stuart wouldn't we?!!

I'm going to watch the show about Yvette and Karl on saturday night. Looks like Yvette really likes her wine!!

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