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lissielouisscaredofthedark Sat 25-Oct-08 08:09:09

anyone elses dc obsessed with it? he sings along to the songs, and it has really helped him wih his letters!

booge Sat 25-Oct-08 08:13:16

Yes, DS loves it too, I on the other hand.....

lissielouisscaredofthedark Sat 25-Oct-08 08:21:27

lol, it does get repetative....

TheHedgeWitch Sat 25-Oct-08 18:22:09

Message withdrawn

MyDaggerling Sat 25-Oct-08 18:32:08

My DD1 loves it too and sings along. She only knows the letters M and A and gets very excited when thet are super letters!

lissielouisscaredofthedark Mon 27-Oct-08 11:20:30

lol, it has really helped ds recognise letters and words.

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