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Vicar of Dibley DVD's in region 1 - can I get them ?

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golds Sun 06-Mar-05 10:50:56

My brother lives in Canada and when he was over last he really enjoyed watching the Vicar of Dibley.

I would love to buy him a DVD for his birthday next week, but he can't watch region 2 dvd's does anyone know where I can get a region 1 from, or if I can get it converted or indeed if it possible at all ?

Thanks in advance

galaxy Sun 06-Mar-05 11:40:39

Have you tried

golds Sun 06-Mar-05 15:53:30

thanks I'll have a look.

Just found one on e-bay and I have bid on it, so will wait and see if that one comes off

Janh Sun 06-Mar-05 16:08:36 , golds. easypeasy!

essbee Sun 06-Mar-05 16:09:06

Message withdrawn

Janh Sun 06-Mar-05 16:11:51

Ohhh nooo - it doesn't deliver to Canada!!!!

(Will be some sort of copyright issue probably. Bear with me!)

Janh Sun 06-Mar-05 16:12:12

(Not that good, essbee, lol!)

essbee Sun 06-Mar-05 16:13:10

Message withdrawn

Janh Sun 06-Mar-05 16:17:42

DVD - this one can show prices in Canadian $ so presumably will deliver there. Maybe!

Ameriscot2005 Sun 06-Mar-05 17:13:52

BBC America should sell these.

StuartC Sun 06-Mar-05 17:28:17

DVDs (and CDs) are cheaper in US than UK and cheapest of all in Canada. in US has Vicar of Dibley DVDs. If you visit that site, search for DVDs, search for Vicar of Dibley, then click "Used & New from..." you'll get some US (or even Canadian) sellers which are cheaper even than Amazon.

KatieinSpain Sun 06-Mar-05 17:29:11

Just had a quickie on Amazon and they do them, too, if you get stuck.

Janh Sun 06-Mar-05 17:29:55

Coo - there is a BBC Canada shop. It only delivers in Canada, dunno if it is OK to pay from elsewhere.

Prices appear to be lower, but shipping might be extra.

hub2dee Sun 06-Mar-05 18:21:35

It might be easiest to find the 'region unlocking code' for the DVD player. Enter the manufacturer name and model number in google and 'region-free'.

Often, this will give you some weird combination of remote control and button-pressing on the DVD player to allow you to change region.

These 'hacks' are often listed in the DVD magazines too.

Cost = 0

Alternatively, it may be possible to get the machine modified (modded) to be region-free, or at least allow region-selection from the remote in a convenient way. He'd have to find a local shop to do this. (Cost perhaps $30 - $50).

It may be desirable to simply shop for a new DVD player which is region free. Many are (even from leading quality brands).

Finally, there are DVD playing programs for use on reasonably modern PCs / Macs. There are region-free cracks for these too, and they often have video output so you can connect them up to the telly etc.

Circumventing region protection is illegal, and modifying hardware may void your warranty yadda yadda yadda.


Janh Sun 06-Mar-05 18:28:40

Yeah, but for a Canadian living in Canada watching Region 1 DVDs it's hardly an issue normally!

There was a piece about this on <yawn> You and Yours the other day; apparently it is much easier to find a code to unlock cheap DVD players because they tend to just make one model for everywhere - the big companies make different players for the different markets so they're much harder to unlock. (The best bit about the piece was the woman representing the DVD manufacturers flatly denying that there is a significant price diff between here and there )

hub2dee Sun 06-Mar-05 19:01:23

I appreciate what you're saying JanH: playing local region 1 DVDs in Canada will never be a problem for golds' brother, but if it is tricky for golds to find / pay for a Region 1 Vicar of Dibley DVD, modding the player (or using a remote control keypress hack) would allow him to watch a DVD bought by golds in the UK.

StuartC Mon 07-Mar-05 07:47:02

This will take you to in US. Go to DVDs, then search for Vicar of Dibley.
Pay with UK credit/debit card in US dollars.
Region 1 - no problem.

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