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Toby Stephens on at 9pm ITV... be still my beating heart.........[grin]

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lottiejenkins Mon 13-Oct-08 20:18:10

I soooooooooo love TS......... he was sublime as Mr Rochester in Jane Eyre last year and my friend and i saw him on stage at the Donmar last year toooooooo.... We are having a girlie night with a bottle of wine and nibbles!! Oh and hes in the new series of Robin Hood too!!!

lottiejenkins Mon 13-Oct-08 22:41:01

Bump.......... thought he was brilliant....... Charlie Brooks played her usual Janine type character,,,,,,,, dont think she can play much lse which is prob why she is going back to Eastenders! [miaaoooooooooooooooow}

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