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Jamie Oliver Sexin it up.

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IncontinentiaButtox Mon 13-Oct-08 00:00:19

Is it me, or is there a lot more stuff trying to equate Jamie Oliver with sex nowadays? I mean, obviously he's married and a father, so someone finds him sexy, but he's on a magazine cover and in an ad that both seem to be pivoting on him being sexy.

Am I really the only person who never thought of him like that at all? And am I the only one who is faintly nauseated now I have?

anyfucker Mon 13-Oct-08 00:02:33

oh no, those rubber lips are faintly disgusting

HRHSaintMamazon Mon 13-Oct-08 00:04:32

i think they are trying to make him seem like a grown up and more serious.

I still think of him as a young wide boy from essex who can cook.

which is odd as he is older than me hmm

fairyfly Mon 13-Oct-08 00:10:31

I think Jamie, is and always has been a Marketing muppet, so if they want him sexy, he will be. Do you think he comes up with these big ideas by himself and makes pretty cook books all by himself? Nooooooo.

Bad marketing this time though by making out all northerners were eating kebabs on the empty coal mines.

He is starting to remind me of Posh Spice.

IncontinentiaButtox Mon 13-Oct-08 00:11:48

I just think he looks like he's 12. Which is really hard to make sexy. Well, impossible, in fact. There's this magazine with him looking out of the cover with a come-hither look and the caption 'Jamie Oliver wants you', and I swear I said 'eww' out loud in the supermarket.

fairyfly Mon 13-Oct-08 00:16:38

But Buttox, he does, just you, now, kiss him

IncontinentiaButtox Mon 13-Oct-08 00:19:59


Rosy, cheeky-chappy schoolboy cheeks. Noooooo

fairyfly Mon 13-Oct-08 00:25:08

He would make you a beautiful Vole coat afterwards, while you glow in your sesame and walnut oil covered breasts. Don't ask me where he is going to put the Tamarind.

IncontinentiaButtox Mon 13-Oct-08 00:30:20

*literally cringing to my toes*

fairyfly, that's one warped imagination you have there. I salute you! (just... no, not the pilsbury doughboy chappie...please)

fairyfly Mon 13-Oct-08 00:32:56

Well now you have ruined it for me as that is what my mother used to call me.

She is still alive, she has just stopped caling me that since i stopped hanging round with the home pride twat.

fairyfly Mon 13-Oct-08 00:34:25

I meant since i started hanging round with the home pride twat, she never forgave me for leaving the dough boy, all i wanted was a sugar daddy

Tortington Mon 13-Oct-08 00:39:57

preaching prick he is

fairyfly Mon 13-Oct-08 00:44:10

Now now Custardo............ i am only saying that as i wanted to ask how you are

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