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judge judy

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southeastastra Thu 09-Oct-08 22:06:03

Judge Judy to defendant: Now, tell me about this episode that landed you in the hospital.

Defendant: I had a urinary tract infection.

JJ: You had a WHAT?

D: A urinary tract infection.

JJ: From too much sex?

D: No.

JJ: From WHAT?

D: I get them. It runs in my family.

[Some discussion of the case ensues, before Judge Judy concludes]

JJ: You are an IDIOT. And that's also probably congenital.

PhantomOfTheChocolateCake Thu 09-Oct-08 22:06:48

lol! She's fab. grin

TheCrackFox Thu 09-Oct-08 22:12:13

I was watching a programme the other month about the richest slebs and apparently she has a personal fortune of $100 million!! Now where did I put that gavel?

ledodgy Thu 09-Oct-08 22:13:02

I imagine Cod as a younger Judge Judy.

FiveGoMadInDorset Thu 09-Oct-08 22:13:33

she is fab

lilymolly Thu 09-Oct-08 22:14:33

Oh I heart Judge judy

she is on my sky plus series link grin blush

She is the most sensible person on the planet

I heart her

Kewcumber Thu 09-Oct-08 22:15:10

I love judge judy

my secret vice is out blush

Saturn74 Thu 09-Oct-08 22:15:11

On the very rare occasions that I get an hour or two to myself in the afternoon, I snuggle down on the sofa with a cup of tea, and indulge in a JJ double bill.
She's fab.

Gingerbear Thu 09-Oct-08 22:16:15

Cod moggels herself on JJ. I heard that she is aiming for a daily spot on Living TV, with the production company paying for botox every six months and a lifetime retainer.

lilymolly Thu 09-Oct-08 22:16:17

oh yes humphrey cushion

afternoons under fleecy blanket watching judge judy


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