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who sings fimbles theme tune ?!

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charlie95 Thu 03-Mar-05 18:06:57

dh and i think its the lightening seeds. no wonder they havent been around for a while!

and i think alistair from last fame academy sings roly mo show theme tune!!!!

lockets Thu 03-Mar-05 18:09:14

Message withdrawn

charlie95 Thu 03-Mar-05 18:10:31

who sings that one then?!

lockets Thu 03-Mar-05 18:14:30

Message withdrawn

Cod Thu 03-Mar-05 18:15:25

Message withdrawn

popsycal Thu 03-Mar-05 18:15:38

64 zoo lane is my most favourite children's tv prgramme

Marina Thu 03-Mar-05 18:16:56

I definitely thought Ian Broudie (Lightning Seeds) too, Charlie!
Love the theme song to 64 Zoo Lane, lockets, in fact the whole programme is lovely

Cod Thu 03-Mar-05 18:18:07

Message withdrawn

lockets Thu 03-Mar-05 18:18:41

Message withdrawn

lockets Thu 03-Mar-05 18:22:12

Message withdrawn

popsycal Thu 03-Mar-05 18:23:28

It is lovely and no, I haven't seen the cuddlies.....

Ds would love one (well, perhaps I would really....)

lockets Thu 03-Mar-05 18:30:08

Message withdrawn

Yorkiegirl Thu 03-Mar-05 18:45:24

Message withdrawn

prunegirl Thu 03-Mar-05 19:24:15

Message withdrawn

bonym Thu 03-Mar-05 21:58:42

Charlie - I've always thought it sounded like the Lightning Seeds too - wonder how we can find out?

lockets Fri 04-Mar-05 09:41:42

Message withdrawn

TinyGang Fri 04-Mar-05 09:59:09

Wow! Thought it was just me who always thought that tune must be the Lightening Seeds. It's very like their style of music.

Evesmama Fri 04-Mar-05 10:04:10

well ill hold my hand up too!! me and dp have had many arguments that it was lightening seeds and i did find out the name, but cant remeber ...though its not him!

WigWamBam Fri 04-Mar-05 14:00:30

I don't know who sings it but it's written by Paul K Joyce - presumably it was recorded by session musicians.

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