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Jamie Oliver-Ministry of Food

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jenk1 Wed 08-Oct-08 11:39:49

anyone watching this?

i watched it last week and last night,i think its really good,DH actually wants to cook after watching this programme so ive bought the book!!!!

willali Wed 08-Oct-08 12:36:39

I felt quite moved at all the men teaching each other at the football ground! I do hope Natasha sticks with it as she does seem to be a transformed peron - a real focus to her life now which was maybe missing before, and so confident taking that class!

jenk1 Wed 08-Oct-08 18:38:02

yes she does doesnt she. think that julie one joined the class to stir it up as it seemed to be ok before.

watsthestory Wed 08-Oct-08 18:39:43

Message withdrawn

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