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More nostalgia

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turquoise Wed 02-Mar-05 23:50:34

Do any of the old codgers amongst us remember these (I've been tripping down memory lane):

Tarot Ace of Wands
Jason King \link
and my number one favourite,
I was also deeply, passionately in love with Robin Ellis from

And no, I've really got nothing better to do with my time!

redsky Thu 03-Mar-05 00:20:59

Sorry - I am a very old codger but the only one I've heard of is Poldark - and I never watched it. What about Upstairs Downstairs - did you see that? (ooh Mr 'oodson'!)

snugs Thu 03-Mar-05 00:27:05

Remember Jason King and Poldark, vague memory of Survivors but you've got me on the other one.

Reminded me about Tomorrow People , maybe I should stick that on the other thread

jackeroo Thu 03-Mar-05 17:02:57

jason king is legendary... love the website...

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