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Baci Ad

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Whizzz Wed 02-Mar-05 21:00:46

Is it just me, or does anyone else fill up when they see the advert for Baci chocs where the girl always goes into the cafe & finds a little note in her choc........oh its so romantic.....

wobblyknicks Wed 02-Mar-05 21:01:11

I think its sooooo sweet, am a hopeless romantic deep down.

wobblyknicks Wed 02-Mar-05 21:02:30

...the thought of him collecting all those messages together somehow gets me!! Maybe its the shock at a man being spontaneously romantic and putting in some effort!!!

Whizzz Wed 02-Mar-05 21:02:47

At the time DH just looked at me as though I was completely bonkers. Men just don't understand !

gingerbear Wed 02-Mar-05 21:05:54

just you two then.
makes me bleeegh.

Whizzz Wed 02-Mar-05 21:07:09

Yup - looks like its just me & WK then !

gingerbear Wed 02-Mar-05 21:07:58

have you tried the choc though whizz?

BethAndHerBrood Wed 02-Mar-05 21:09:57

Load of old romantic tosh!!!

Whizzz Wed 02-Mar-05 21:10:47

Nope. I'm just waiting for all those little notes & not taking any notice of what the choc is ! Its a good advert for romance but obviously not for choc as I can't even remember what sort of choc it is ! Prob some sort of truffle-nut thing at a guess

wobblyknicks Wed 02-Mar-05 21:12:38

I remember exactly what the choc is - has a nut at the top and aero like stuff underneath, then covered in choc. Remember that just coz of that ad!!!!

lou33 Wed 02-Mar-05 21:26:33

load of cobblers it is

gingerbear Wed 02-Mar-05 21:33:37

Nestle make em
Enough to put anyone off

wobblyknicks Wed 02-Mar-05 21:34:14

You lot have no soul

Whizzz Wed 02-Mar-05 21:48:16

I agree. The world would be a better place if there was more romance.........

<< sound of violins playing softly in the background >>

lou33 Wed 02-Mar-05 22:14:34

sold mine years ago wk

wobblyknicks Wed 02-Mar-05 22:15:22

Might have guessed lou!!

wheresmyfroggy Wed 02-Mar-05 22:18:32

If i had pulled a stunt like that on my wife to attract her attention she would have chinned me

lou33 Wed 02-Mar-05 22:25:03

why's that wk?

wobblyknicks Wed 02-Mar-05 22:26:29

Umm, just the general way you seem more interested in sex toys, whips and saucy clothing rather than fluffy kittens, clouds and padded hearts!!

lou33 Wed 02-Mar-05 22:28:44

rears back at mention of padded cards and fluffy kittens like a vampire to a cross....

wobblyknicks Wed 02-Mar-05 22:29:13

There you go, that's how i know!!

lou33 Wed 02-Mar-05 22:29:40

sorry , padded hearts..

lou33 Wed 02-Mar-05 22:30:09

i do have other interests you know

wobblyknicks Wed 02-Mar-05 22:30:13

Don't worry, its easy to get confused when you're recoiling in horror.

wobblyknicks Wed 02-Mar-05 22:30:30 gael?

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