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Natural Born Sellers on ITV - a spoof right?

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ThinWhiteDuchess Thu 02-Oct-08 21:50:26

Title says it all really... am sitting watching this crap at the moment and am sure it must be a wind up. The 'salespeople' look more like Big Brother rejects. Can this really be ITV's answer to The Apprentice?

DoubleBluff Fri 03-Oct-08 09:14:34

Did anyone watch it?
It was hilarious.
That Thea - thought she was a great salewoman cos she was 'pretty' and 'sexy' - have you ever looked in th mirror love?

noolia Fri 03-Oct-08 09:24:12

My thoughts exactly!
Surely these are not real people! The chap in charge of the furniture shop - hillarious. Morning sofa selling meetings, wtf? pouty cleavage woman and annoying questioning man, they've got to be actors, no one could be that ghastly. And crying because you get to drive a lexus for a week?

DoubleBluff Fri 03-Oct-08 09:25:58

All that cleavage and bad make up!
in the travel lodge
Was like a cross between Alan PArtridge and the office!

noolia Fri 03-Oct-08 09:27:35

It really reminded me of the Office too. I might have to watch it again though, for its shear awfullness.

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