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Mutual Friends

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compo Tue 30-Sep-08 22:03:54

Was that the last one in the series?
Is there going to be a series 2?

Orinoco Tue 30-Sep-08 22:04:41

Message withdrawn

compo Tue 30-Sep-08 22:24:35

thanks for that hmm


BecauseImWorthIt Tue 30-Sep-08 22:25:36

Yes, last one tonight.

I've really enjoyed it - it's definitely got better each week. And a great cast.

compo Tue 30-Sep-08 22:38:28


I thought it was really good too

bluesky Wed 01-Oct-08 11:56:50

it did get better each week, and it has nicely set itself up for series 2 I think. Don't know what viewing figures have been like for it though?

southeastastra Wed 01-Oct-08 13:51:35

very funny, though the people are slightly irritating at times.kind of predictable

Tillyboo Wed 01-Oct-08 22:14:52

Both me and dh watch it and LOVE IT ! dh rarely watches TV so the fact that he watches it is praise enough. We love Alexander Armstrong and we don't live far from Henley so it's been fun spotting familiar sights ...

Looking forward to Series 2. When is it next on ?

llareggub Wed 01-Oct-08 22:16:57

I enjoyed it, but disappointed with the final episode. Loved the Bodenesque company, very funny.

JuneBugJen Wed 01-Oct-08 22:18:45

Who wanted to lamp Jen/Keeley Hawes in the face? Surely her character had to be the most vile in history.

And felt a bit sorry for one of the families, it was as if they didnt know what to do with them.

llareggub Wed 01-Oct-08 22:25:33

I got the impression that the Dev family (the couple with the anniversary) weren't meant to be recurring characters. They hardly featured at all in the beginning.

I found the friendship between the women unbelievable, and the widow irritated the hell out of me but I guess she was meant to.

Loved Patrick.

TsarChasm Wed 01-Oct-08 22:32:10

I've enjoyed it. Other than the two man male characters the others weren't very substantial though. There's enough there for another series I reckon.

I loved watching Martin do parent reading at school grin

Blondeshavemorefun Thu 02-Oct-08 13:11:57

really enjoyed this

hope another series will be done

BecauseImWorthIt Thu 02-Oct-08 13:12:56

Marc Warren was brilliant, I thought.

Blondeshavemorefun Thu 02-Oct-08 14:13:16

and cute!!

loved him in hustle

mppaw Thu 02-Oct-08 14:33:16

Loved him in hustle and the prostitue series with Ken stot.....He was fab in that.

Blondeshavemorefun Thu 02-Oct-08 14:43:44

band of gold - was that it?

mppaw Thu 02-Oct-08 14:56:10

No i dont think so...he was called Dougie in it....Ahhh The Vice....ITV.....
Think he is v sexy in an ugly way....iykwim

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