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OK, thinking of watching Ugly Betty for first time. Anyone care to sum up story up till now for me???

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peachsmuggler Fri 26-Sep-08 20:58:48

C'mon, it's on in 3 minutes!!!

peachsmuggler Fri 26-Sep-08 21:07:21

God, you're all watching it and enjoying it aren't you? While I am watching in utter confusion!!!

LadyOfWaffle Fri 26-Sep-08 21:08:48

I have got it on for the 1st time, cor it's pants. Maybe because I don't get it either.

peachsmuggler Fri 26-Sep-08 21:10:49

God, DD is awake now. By the time I get back, I will not only, not know the back story, but won't even know what is happening in this episode. Arrggghhh

tingting Fri 26-Sep-08 21:12:33

im too bust concentrating to answer theres been a whole series before this one!

betty is going out with henry who believes the ginger one(charlie) to be pregnant with his child however shes not it is osmeone elses and she lied betty knows this and is seeing henry anyway

whilimena was the fashion editor at mode, was going to marry bradford the man who owned it but he dropped dead on there wedding day so she wont get to control it which is what she wanted so control of the magazine is with his son daniel (who betty works for) and his transexual son who is Alexis there mum is now out of prison having been tried for murder but let off as they got proof she didnt do it

on again, ill be back later!

tingting Fri 26-Sep-08 21:13:20

or is the baby his? im not entirely sure, i missed a couple!

tingting Fri 26-Sep-08 21:15:56

whilimena has got the scottish one from Extras to carry a baby surrogately made from sperm stolen from bradford and whilimenas egg so she can have a child and thus regain control of the magazine that way paying her 100k dollars which the scottisch one needs to fund treatment for terminally ill husband

peachsmuggler Fri 26-Sep-08 21:23:05

is whilimena Vanessa whatsit?

tingting Fri 26-Sep-08 21:23:46

yes the very same


peachsmuggler Fri 26-Sep-08 21:57:22

Thanks for the info ting ting, but missed almost all of it due to DD waking up repeatedly. Ah wellll

tingting Fri 26-Sep-08 22:19:25

do you know its the only program that when i finish watching it leaves me feeling happy, ridiculous i know! its so daft but its lovely and escapist, get into it, its fabulous, you need to persuade someone to get you the first series or something!

you want to see me on a saturday for xfactor, i do my upmost to ensure dcs are utterly knackered and pleading for bed so i can watch it! the older i get the sillier the programmes are that i like!

peachsmuggler Sat 27-Sep-08 16:29:06

God I love X factor. Going out tonight so DP under strict unstructions to record under pain of death!!!

shinyshoes Sat 27-Sep-08 17:10:54

ever so slightly off topic, I missed it last night, does anyone know when it's repeated please

tingting Sat 27-Sep-08 18:25:52

repeated 1.20pm tomorrow (sun) on Ch4 shiny

i send my dp out on a saturday night so i can watch it and a fri so i can watch ugly betty and he'll have to go out tomorrow as well as there are 2 xfactors this w/end..... i think he's actually desperate to spend a night in! grin

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