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where can i get Little Britain Red Nose DVD

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TracyK Mon 28-Feb-05 08:57:57


MummytoSteven Mon 28-Feb-05 08:59:18

i'm sure i've seen it in Virgin stores

TracyK Mon 28-Feb-05 10:32:27


wobblyknicks Mon 28-Feb-05 10:32:47

It's in HMV for £4.99

TracyK Mon 28-Feb-05 10:35:27

Is it called little Britain or is it the 'Best comedy dvd in the world'?

wobblyknicks Mon 28-Feb-05 10:36:23

The best comedy one has clips from all different shows, the little britain one is just the little britain sketches

TracyK Mon 28-Feb-05 10:36:35

just found it on the hmv website - thanks!

wobblyknicks Mon 28-Feb-05 10:37:07

No probs

misdee Mon 28-Feb-05 10:59:54

oh its sooo sooo funny. you're gonna love it. mine arrived on saturday.

TracyK Mon 28-Feb-05 15:37:20

Can't wait - have ordered it off

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