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Two New Baby Doco's coming to us from BBC4

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Sycamoretree Fri 26-Sep-08 11:53:11

From Radio Times:

Prepare for pregnancy and brith to become and even more daunting prospect this winter - thanks to two fascinating new BBC4 films by infant psychologist Laverne Antrobus (porn star name if ever there was one - that bit's me, not the Radio Times). In WAR IN THE WOMB, she looks at the theory of foetal-maternal conflict, which suggests that the hormonal maelstrom of the womb can cause autism or depression in the child in later life (great, another thing is OUR fault then? Again, me not RT).

Meanwhile, BRAINPOWER uses 3-D ultrasound technology to track babies' startlingly advanced understanding of peope, objects, music and language - and their "conscious life" before birth (ah, that's more like it!).

Not sure when the TX dates are, but I'll be keeping a keen eye open and expect plenty of healthy MN debate afterwards!

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