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the the mum ill?

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mamaspanx Thu 25-Sep-08 12:41:33

i asked my dh if he would watch this with me last night so we could have a look at life with teenage children (hhehehhe ours are 4 and 1 both boys). we both found being teenagers extremely difficult with our own parents mostly due to poor communication on both sides.

anyway after watching a few screaming fits and the parents having a go at the two daughters i was a bit confused by the mother. she seemed to spend a lot of time sleeping, in her dressing gown and looking really ill. i thought..lead by example but is she actually ill? and the brown circles around her that a give away that somethings not right?...i thought the dad was confusing as well with his shouty shouty style and then goo goo baby talk!

candyfluff Thu 25-Sep-08 13:48:56

im really enjoying this programme at the moment .there are some real loving and touching scenes in it.
dont think the mum is ill but do think that most of the filming was done in the evening so possibly if she has been at work all day then when you get back all you want to do is chill so that maybe why she has her dressing gown on

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