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the kurt wallander books are apparently being made into progs this autumn - anyone know anything?

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TheArmadillo Sun 21-Sep-08 22:04:56

Love the books, am not sure how they'll covert into tv (dp especially dubious as he says books seem to spend months doing nothing and then all wrap up very quickly).

Heard 3 of them being made into episodes for tv with Kenneth Brannagh playing Wallander

Apparently swedish company who have made them for swedish tv are having part in making them and they will be shot in sweden.

Kenneth Brannagh far too good looking to play wallander though imo.

Notice they're not doing any of the ones that take place abroad though (the white lioness, the dogs of riga) wink

Not sure whether going to be good or deeply disappointing.

TheArmadillo Mon 22-Sep-08 08:54:46


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