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How do I work out what channels we lose if we reduce our Sky package?

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KatyMac Thu 18-Sep-08 21:35:37

I am so confused

I pay £31 a month - this has to go down

But DH is poorly & I won't cut off his favourites so I need to tread carefully

SpongebobComfypants Fri 19-Sep-08 00:23:04

Have a look at the info on the Sky website. We downgraded our package to just the entertainment and music channels and pay around £18 per month (also includes phone deal and broadband). Adding on 'Kids' would cost about another quid or so. It the sports and movie channels which cost a bomb.

KatyMac Fri 19-Sep-08 07:46:27

But we don't have sports or Movies (& we don't get phone or broadband eithersad)

I keep getting lost on there

lilymolly Fri 19-Sep-08 07:50:23

I rang up and asked them.
We currently have all the packages at a cost of £47 a monthshock
We asked to lose sports and movies and it would go down to £22.
Far more reasonable imho.

It may be worth threatening to stop it altogether, as they usually give you a really good deal to keep you - thats what my mam and dad did and they got a massive discount. HTH

KatyMac Fri 19-Sep-08 07:54:04

Oh I have just remembered getting in two rooms - so that costs an extra £10 a month - poop

I will not convince him to cut that down (damn)

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