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paralympics closing ceremony

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Raahh Wed 17-Sep-08 19:40:50

am watching the closing ceremony, and it is so much better than the main games. Far less pompous, a lot of fun actually.

Sir Philip Craven president of the paralympic committee, looked so very proud.Team GB did brilliantly. Truly inspiring, criminally overlooked by the media at large i feel.

Raahh Wed 17-Sep-08 19:42:18

And Boris looks far smarter this time round!!

Raahh Wed 17-Sep-08 19:43:37

(he's been practicing with the flag)lol!

Raahh Wed 17-Sep-08 19:51:39

the British segment is tons better, too. But guess I am watching this alone...

Clayhead Thu 18-Sep-08 07:27:02

I watched it! (late last night).

Thought it was great, thought Sir Philip spoke really well.

Bit fed up at having to wade through 8 newspaper pages of football (which I like but is criminally over reported IMHO) to find one paragraph about a gold medal winner.

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