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"Family" New series on Channel 4

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geordieminx Tue 16-Sep-08 21:39:28

Anyone know what this is about? Worth watching?

RTKangaMummy Wed 17-Sep-08 12:09:21

a family a watched 24/7 for 100 days

and this is the result

RTKangaMummy Wed 17-Sep-08 14:30:56


RTKangaMummy Wed 17-Sep-08 16:02:41


WendyWeber Wed 17-Sep-08 16:06:35

Oh, there are some clips on the website - it's looking very interesting.


FioFio Wed 17-Sep-08 16:07:41

Message withdrawn

WendyWeber Wed 17-Sep-08 16:09:08

You mean they really do or by the law of averages, fio?

FioFio Wed 17-Sep-08 16:10:13

Message withdrawn

RTKangaMummy Wed 17-Sep-08 17:31:27


bananaknickers Wed 17-Sep-08 17:35:46

They are from Canterbury in Kent

RTKangaMummy Wed 17-Sep-08 19:15:05


RTKangaMummy Wed 17-Sep-08 19:29:39


shinyshoes Wed 17-Sep-08 21:09:26

I know it's only just started and I should give things a chance but boy, aint this riveting hmm

SciFiFan Wed 17-Sep-08 21:12:38

Mum is obviously jealous of daughter & in mid-life crisis zone!

SlartyBartFast Wed 17-Sep-08 21:14:00

in the picture in tv guide i couldnt tell who was mum! they all looked same ages.

ElenorRigby Wed 17-Sep-08 21:18:44

FFS a few seconds and I cant watch this. Horrid.

shinyshoes Wed 17-Sep-08 21:19:58

Mums a bit cocky ain't she

SciFiFan Wed 17-Sep-08 21:30:57

OMG what kind of nightmare is the daughter - is that what we have to look forward to when they're teenagers shock. Going out at 11.00 FFS!!

shinyshoes Wed 17-Sep-08 21:33:06

I don't condone violence but the mouthy one would see the back of my hand if she kept on speaking to me like that.

How rude

artichokes Wed 17-Sep-08 21:33:12

Its scaring the wits out of DH and I. DD is two and we have another on the way. What are we doing if this is the future???

WendyWeber Wed 17-Sep-08 21:35:06

Well I have just been watching it with DD2, who is 23 & was exactly like Emily at 19 (only she was nailed into her bedroom whenever she behaved like that & never got to go out at all, let alone at 11pm) & we are both agreeing it's completely realistic.

Mum is jealous of daughter & in mid-life crisis? That's such crap!

nametaken Wed 17-Sep-08 21:35:27

How on earth did a nice couple like the mum and dad manage to raise filth like that?

Please don't tell me that this is normal family life coz my family aint like that.

shinyshoes Wed 17-Sep-08 21:35:38

Its not as if you can blame the parents, they seem perfectly normal to me,

WendyWeber Wed 17-Sep-08 21:36:23

They are supposed to rebel, it's part of growing up. This is actually a very loving family & Emily will be fine in a year or so.

controlfreakinfreaky Wed 17-Sep-08 21:38:19

i disagree. they are so on her case. she's 19, working (sort of). if they want her living at home they should treat her like a fledgling adult not a toddler..... not liking the dad at all. feel a bit sorry for emily actually. her mum told her to piss off. nice.

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