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RTKangaMummy Mon 15-Sep-08 15:51:30

Grange HillMonday 15 September
4:35pm - 5:00pm
School drama. It's the last day of term and the school prom. Tigger and Ed are on the hunt for dates, whilst Alex faces his demons - does he have the guts to show Sammy how he feels? A unexploded bomb is discovered in the sewer system beneath the school and there's complete chaos. Will we see the year out with a bang?
VIDEO Plus+: 4589202
Subtitled, Widescreen

LIZS Mon 15-Sep-08 15:52:43

rip Grange Hill

RTKangaMummy Mon 15-Sep-08 15:53:47

I went to High School just as Grange Hill started so I loved Grange Hill esp Tucker

RTKangaMummy Mon 15-Sep-08 15:57:50

When was your era?

RTKangaMummy Mon 15-Sep-08 16:03:48


saltire Mon 15-Sep-08 16:13:35

I was 7 when it started, but the episodes with the most impact for me, and probably a lot of my generation were the ones involving Zammo and his drugs!

compo Mon 15-Sep-08 16:15:42

dh emailed me from work to video it for him!!

RTKangaMummy Mon 15-Sep-08 16:16:45

I used to have a poster of Tucker in my bedroom


PuppyMonkey Mon 15-Sep-08 16:23:28

Sob, sob. Off to watch it now... oh no... in a bit I mean

RTKangaMummy Mon 15-Sep-08 16:38:38

I am about to watch it too


Hope they have original music and comic book titles

psychomum5 Mon 15-Sep-08 16:52:53

something is very wrong.....very wrong......what has happened to the cockney accents???

RTKangaMummy Mon 15-Sep-08 16:56:45

Grange Hill is now a school in Liverpool

I liied TJ speech about it all being about numbers ~~~ how true is that???

SATs League Tables etc

psychomum5 Mon 15-Sep-08 17:01:51

why si it in liverpool then....what did I miss???

psychomum5 Mon 15-Sep-08 17:03:10

pah, I was hoping for carnage!

PuppyMonkey Mon 15-Sep-08 21:03:43

I thought they'd at least blow the school up grin

What a crock of shite...

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