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Saggarmakersbottomknocker Sat 13-Sep-08 21:09:58

Bloody hell shock

SpinMeRightRound Sat 13-Sep-08 21:13:01

I know![shock}

very grim!

ChasingSquirrels Sat 13-Sep-08 21:13:08

that sums up what I am sitting here thinking aswell.

CarGirl Sat 13-Sep-08 21:14:26

Think perhaps they've gone a step too far?

I felt really quite sick at the pole, I am very squeamish about certain things these days.

RandomIdiot Sat 13-Sep-08 21:15:07

shockand shock here too

AnotherFineMess Sat 13-Sep-08 21:15:44

I was ROFLing at Slouchy's lunchbox thread when I had the misfortune to look up to THAT - took the laugh right out of my mouth!

RandomIdiot Sat 13-Sep-08 21:15:55

I was actually vocally shock'ed at Tess.

i let out a gasp and DP wondered what the hell had happened. I never do that at the TV.

deanychip Sat 13-Sep-08 21:16:10

whats happened??
i dont watch it cos it drives me mad

RandomIdiot Sat 13-Sep-08 21:19:01

Tess has impailed herself on a rusty girder.

Then Dixie smashed into a teenager in teh ambulance. Full speed.

Pretty graphic and pretty unexpected in both cases.

Unusually for casualty I didn't see either of them coming.

FabioBigBangBlackHole Sat 13-Sep-08 21:19:20

Good lord.
Tess has been skewered, and not in a good way.
They re-enacted the towering inferno, and a docuwhatsit were making a film.
Dixie the ambulance driver sent a troublesome teen (what Tess had been chasing pre-skewerage) flying, in a windscreen/running into road interface.

Saggarmakersbottomknocker Sat 13-Sep-08 21:20:08

Second part is on tomorrow.

Michael French is coming back too.

ChasingSquirrels Sat 13-Sep-08 21:20:41

would saying that "Dixie didn't the the teen coming either" be a step too far?

Saggarmakersbottomknocker Sat 13-Sep-08 21:20:59

Arf @ 'not in a good way'

RandomIdiot Sat 13-Sep-08 21:21:11

yay for Micheal French.

Bluestocking Sat 13-Sep-08 21:21:51

Why was the troubled teen taking photos of impaled Tess?

RandomIdiot Sat 13-Sep-08 21:22:10

cos she is a troubled teenager.

Saggarmakersbottomknocker Sat 13-Sep-08 21:22:54

Family are BNP methinks.

Bluestocking Sat 13-Sep-08 21:23:47

Was the TT involved in the impaling at all?

RandomIdiot Sat 13-Sep-08 21:24:07

Yes family are...well.......yes...well...not sure how to describe them actually.

what was wrong with the kid in resuss? Cancer?

RandomIdiot Sat 13-Sep-08 21:24:33

Yes TT was running away from tess.

RandomIdiot Sat 13-Sep-08 21:25:05

<had to translate TT then...I was trying to work out if the Ambulance was an Audi [doh]>

fishie Sat 13-Sep-08 21:26:04

imagine the production meetings "sooo fiona how do you suggest we set up the peril for pt 2?"

how come everyone else in block of flats was left to burn?

RandomIdiot Sat 13-Sep-08 21:28:22

well of course none of them had a speaking part so they jhust walked out after the film crew left wink

anniebear Sun 14-Sep-08 11:56:10

wow, what an episode

I thought I was going to have nightmares

was so unexpected..Tess, then the girl being hit!

I usually read Spoilers but have not read anything for a while with it not being on

ps, if you want to read spoilers.............. about Holby and Casualty

anniebear Sun 14-Sep-08 11:57:43

couldnt really understand why Tess was out looking for the wierd girl anyway

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