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Fuck me , is that the best they could come up with?? Celeb Come Dine With Me

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shinyshoes Wed 10-Sep-08 23:06:30

I don't know when it's on , I couldnt care less tbh. I recognised

That Lee bloke from Blue
One of the ones from STEPS Michelle something
Peter Stringfellow
The one that designs stuff with the Yorshire accent

Couldn't make out who the other 'celebs' were no doubt it was someone from BB <rolls eyes>

Couldnt they have had my mate Jordan grin

shinyshoes Wed 10-Sep-08 23:07:34

What makes me sad is that they are dragging a fantastic programme down with their zelebrities sad

PheasantPlucker Fri 12-Sep-08 16:18:37

Missed it! Peter Stringfellow?! Really?!!

MrsMattie Fri 12-Sep-08 16:19:36

Sounds like that Celeb Air programme. I read a review of it in the paper and honestly didn't know who any of the 'celebrities' were.

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