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Kate Garraway program C4 NOW

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bythepowerofgreyskull Tue 09-Sep-08 22:04:43


theSuburbanDryad Tue 09-Sep-08 22:06:46

Dh has already threatened to turn the tv off.


JODIEhadababy Tue 09-Sep-08 22:07:36

I've missed it OH NO. Is it repeated?

hester Tue 09-Sep-08 22:07:44

Come and watch it at mine, SuburbanDryad. Just to tempt you further, dd has been baking Winnie The Pooh cupcakes...

theSuburbanDryad Tue 09-Sep-08 22:08:30


Where do you live Hester? wink

hester Tue 09-Sep-08 22:08:39

It's on now, Jodie.

CatMandu Tue 09-Sep-08 22:08:52

You haven't missed it, it's on now.

Aitch Tue 09-Sep-08 22:09:33

it's only just started, jodie. i think she's annoying. not as annoying as her dh.

MrsBates Tue 09-Sep-08 22:09:51

Frankly I rather like cows and their milk. A glass of breast milk is mank unless you're a baby. I've tasted it and it's not going in my cup of tea.

JODIEhadababy Tue 09-Sep-08 22:10:31

Just kicked DH off the Xbox.. (I know she is annoying!)

theSuburbanDryad Tue 09-Sep-08 22:11:08

Stella Onions.


I thought she'd be on there.


JODIEhadababy Tue 09-Sep-08 22:11:30

Is it me or is that just wierd????

CatMandu Tue 09-Sep-08 22:11:54

Who is Stella Onions?

Aitch Tue 09-Sep-08 22:13:14

cute kids. but i thought bfing was supposed to make you skinny. <snorts>

who is stella onions, then?

SammyK Tue 09-Sep-08 22:13:27

I am watching...

solo Tue 09-Sep-08 22:13:39


zippitippitoes Tue 09-Sep-08 22:14:22

i hope she is going to taste it rather than the hint at the end of the break of feeding from the breast hmm

i hate the sensationalist approach kate hubby sounded a prat

skinnygirlNOT Tue 09-Sep-08 22:14:46

Are any of these women mnetters?

JODIEhadababy Tue 09-Sep-08 22:15:36

Eugh. As much as I;d like to stay and chat DH wants the Laptop, doesn't want to watch (I wonder why!)

Aitch Tue 09-Sep-08 22:16:04

i've seen the first half of this (fell asleep) and she was really getting on my tits so i never went back to it. however, she did a piece in the guardian where she'd totally come round, so i'm interested to see when the damascene moment strikes that, dur, it's at least milk from the same species...

skinnygirlNOT Tue 09-Sep-08 22:16:10

yes her husband did sound a prat.

LittlePushka Tue 09-Sep-08 22:16:33

Oh Solo,.I can hardly bear to tune in to wait for the answer! No problem with girls on girls but not girls ongirls milk! Aaaggh!

CatMandu Tue 09-Sep-08 22:16:42

I have to say, logically I think there's nothing wrong with the idea of bf other babies, but emotionally I find myself feeling quite negative about it. So far, not convinced although my mind is still open.

Aitch Tue 09-Sep-08 22:16:48

why the eugh, jodie, seriously? what's the biggie when you get right down to it?

shush3 Tue 09-Sep-08 22:16:54

am completly torn between thinking its fab,

to thinking at 4 or more, is it the mother

babying the child? and doing it for her

satisfaction rather than the childs need


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