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Did anyone watch Chavs on SkyOne

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Mosschops30 Tue 22-Feb-05 19:19:53

Message withdrawn

Mirage Tue 22-Feb-05 21:17:35

That must have been Julie Burchill.She annoys me so much that I can't read her articles anymore & her squeeky,breathy 'little girl' voice makes me cringe.

No way is she a chav though-even if she likes to think so!

woodpops Wed 23-Feb-05 09:28:30

I saw it. God was she arrogant she would only listen to the celebrities if they had the same opinion as her. I thought she was so rude to Vanessa Feltz sitting there picking her bloody nails because she didn't like what she was saying. Iggnorant cow. And Liam Gallagher a chav come on!!!!!

NomDePlume Wed 23-Feb-05 09:30:29

Her voice is awful. DH wanted to chuck the tv out of the winodw after 5 mins of listening to Ms Self-Important

DaddyCool Wed 23-Feb-05 09:53:32

damn! missed it. anyone know if it's repeated later in the week?

JoolsToo Wed 23-Feb-05 09:59:29

ask Kanga!

woodpops Wed 23-Feb-05 10:12:30

I bet it is. Sky one tend to repeat stuff for months. I was flicking between this and the magatumor programme on channel 4

Caligula Wed 23-Feb-05 10:13:34

I love Julie Burchill - she's so absurd.

"Don't hate us because we're beautiful".

oliveoil Wed 23-Feb-05 10:16:00

Yes her voice is annoying (helium?) and she did behave like a 12 year old in the interviews. But I think she is funny. She has a column in the Times which is sometimes hilarious.

She is right about white working class being the only people you can slag off and ridicule without and comeback.

Caligula Wed 23-Feb-05 10:25:06

I agree - she's a bit like a scattergun, in that she has so many opinions about so many issues that she very often gets things right (although occasionally tragically wrong!) and brings a different slant to quite a few issues.

No doubt in my mind about her writing ability - she's a brilliant columnist.

sansouci Wed 23-Feb-05 10:31:15

I used to enjoy Burchill's articles in the Times. She's always driven dh up the wall, but that's not a reference!

On the chav programme, she was awful & not just that voice (LOL helium!). Cringe-makingly terrible. I bet old AA Gill will have fun slagging her off. It must have been tongue-in-cheek, no?

BEKsmum Wed 23-Feb-05 10:49:08

I thought it must be be, I sat there with my mouth hanging open most of the time. She included so many types of people under the label chav that I was completely confused by the end of it!

Am I completely wrong or was she saying that virtually all working class white people are chavs? I thought it applied to the young hooded teenage boys and fake burberry girls that hang around outside the loacal off licence etc.

I couldn't belive how rude she was to Vanessa Feltz and whe she was near to tears when that bloke laid into her I had to lol.

My dh said she has had the same point of view about every labelled group since punk and if she's a chav I'll eat my hat!

ernest Wed 23-Feb-05 10:54:50

the silly cow has no idea hwat a chav is. if you are working class, that does NOT = chav. I wanted to slap her so much. I can't believe she got air time for that drivel. Oh and the voice. the voice.

woodpops Wed 23-Feb-05 11:00:23

That's what I thought a chav was as well BEKsmum

Caligula Wed 23-Feb-05 11:03:38

The voice is glorious isn't it? You'd think she'd do a Mrs Thatcher and get some speech lessons to make it lower. But it's probably some kind of feminist statement for her to have that pitch!

(As an aside, apparantly women's voices have got much deeper in the course of the last 50 years - 50 years ago most women (apparantly) talked much nearer the pitch of La Burchill and our own dear Queen!)

sansouci Wed 23-Feb-05 12:28:55

It's all that testosterone they put in the water.

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