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Is Desperate Houswives repeated on any normal or freeview channel?

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Snowstorm Thu 04-Sep-08 19:45:51

I got so carried away with DD2's first day of school that I forgot to watch Desperate Housewives shock Does anyone know if it's repeated at any time?


LittleMyDancing Thu 04-Sep-08 19:49:39

it's on E4 at nine oclock on Sunday

Snowstorm Thu 04-Sep-08 20:50:36

Brilliant - thank you so much - will set the recorder thingy now.

Many thanks!

likessleep Fri 05-Sep-08 09:02:31

thanks too, i was searching through the sky planner for ages last night and couldn't find.
am also going to go and do it now ... cheers!

AbbaFan Sat 06-Sep-08 08:41:38

You can also watch it on catch up, through the c4 website.

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