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How the economy got personal on Panorama last night.

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MrsTittleMouse Tue 02-Sep-08 08:42:04

Was it just us, or did anyone else think that the single Mum who was taking in student to lodge wasn't exactly on the breadline? There were a lot of people who I did have sympathy for - the couple who's pub was going under, and the brickcutter who was desparately trying to keep on all his workforce for example. But it really stuck in my throat that the single Mum was obviously a professional, and could afford to buy what was laughingly called a "normal three bedroom house" - it was huge, especially for a house in the South - and was supposed to make my heart bleed, when she, her children, and the house were all immaculate and had obviously had big money spent on them. And saying that her children had to share a bedroom now (a very large bedroom) as though it was some dreadful hardship!

It made me think of some of the people on MNs and how they could tell her what life is like in the real world.

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