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RTKangaMummy Sun 31-Aug-08 18:49:52


brimfull Sun 31-Aug-08 18:51:37

who's fiona?

Carmenere Sun 31-Aug-08 18:51:40

I really, really don't want to watch this.

RTKangaMummy Sun 31-Aug-08 18:52:20

One-off drama. A woman fights to hold her family together after her husband is accused of downloading images of child sexual abuse from the internet.

Although she knew her marriage was not perfect, she now has to face the terrifying possibility that her three young children may not be safe with their own father and that the man she loved is guilty of a terrible crime.

Fiona Gina McKee
Simon Jeremy Northam
Charlie Jimi Mistry
Julie Amanda Root
Emma Elisabeth Walsh
Edward Nicholas Farrell
Helen Claire Bloom
Producer David Boulter


lulumama Sun 31-Aug-08 18:52:25

what time?

QuintessentialShadow Sun 31-Aug-08 18:52:42

What time?
I think I need to get somebody to record it for us.

QuintessentialShadow Sun 31-Aug-08 18:53:12

Oh so it is not a documentary then.

RTKangaMummy Sun 31-Aug-08 18:53:22

I know what you mean but I think the dilema of it may be interesting

There must be some reason why she stays with him

RTKangaMummy Sun 31-Aug-08 18:53:42


lulumama Sun 31-Aug-08 18:54:40

thanks, should be thought provoking

QuintessentialShadow Sun 31-Aug-08 18:56:10


wonderstuff Sun 31-Aug-08 18:56:14

This actually happened to a friend of mine, man in question was stepfather to her children, was just awful, we'd known him for years, never had any incling, I think I'll give this one a miss, the thought turns your stomach doesn't it

QuintessentialShadow Sun 31-Aug-08 18:58:18

yes it does.

It has been said that the trade in child porn is as profitable as guns and drugs. sad I dont have any facts or sources, but I hope it is not true.

unknownrebelbang Sun 31-Aug-08 18:58:21

I'm not sure whether I want to watch this or not.

Think it will be very good (Gina Mckee tends to choose well) but it's a bit close to work.

RTKangaMummy Sun 31-Aug-08 20:46:10


SlartyBartFast Sun 31-Aug-08 20:51:34

i like gina

RTKangaMummy Sun 31-Aug-08 21:01:42


southeastastra Sun 31-Aug-08 21:02:54

this sounds so depressing,

bring back sunday night at the london palladium i say

dmo Sun 31-Aug-08 21:26:41

will watch it on iplayer later

sleepycat Sun 31-Aug-08 21:27:48

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

umberella Sun 31-Aug-08 21:29:55

she doesn't seem very bothered?!

I can't imagine anyone reacting like this - i think i would have had some degree of hysterics by this stage

solidgoldbrass Sun 31-Aug-08 21:32:17

Quint: I shouldn't think that's true (about the profitability). Given the extreme abhorrence in which child abusers are held by everyone else (including drug dealers, bank robbers and 'ordinary' murderers) it's not the career choice for the average criminal: the profits are not seen to outweight the risks.

But I can't be arsed to watch this programme myself.

3andnomore Sun 31-Aug-08 21:32:35

hm....only just started wtching, is he guilty then, or don't we know...
he was just talking about SS coming"

sleepycat Sun 31-Aug-08 21:33:29

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

slayerette Sun 31-Aug-08 21:34:46

I don't understand this at all - why is she not bothered by what he's done? Just seems worried about keeping family together, including husband -why is she lying for him??

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