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GoodNight Sweetheart

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tellmedad Sun 31-Aug-08 16:07:21

I have just started to watch the Goodnight sweetheart series again which I have on DVD.

Does anybody agree that we need a new series of this brilliant tv comedy back on!!

I absolutely love it and could watch it for hours.

SpandexIsMyEnemy Sun 31-Aug-08 16:11:03

oh yes I love it! it was fab - can't wait for it to be on itv3 again. I miss it of an afternoon blush

EyeballsintheSky Sun 31-Aug-08 16:13:01

I always loved it but more when Michelle Holmes and Dervla Kirwan were in it. I watched the entire 6 series on DVD when I started my mat leave last Christmas. The commentaries are really good too

tellmedad Sun 31-Aug-08 16:23:13

I am envious EitS, I would love to just sit down and watch the whole series envy

HotblackDesiato Sun 31-Aug-08 16:31:55

it was feckin awful
whats funny about a two timing toe rag stringing 2 different women along for years on end.

EyeballsintheSky Sun 31-Aug-08 16:52:15

There's always one... hmm

Tillyboo Sun 31-Aug-08 19:13:15

Well, I too LOVED this series !!!

Bring it back, Nicholas Lyndhurst was brilliant in it. Good old fashioned tele.

tellmedad Mon 01-Sep-08 07:07:57

Shall we start a petition Tillyboo, "Bring back Goodnight sweetheart"

Tillyboo Mon 01-Sep-08 23:20:47

Don't think we'd have many sigs ... sad

What is Nicholas Lyndhurst doing I wonder, he's been very quiet.

I just loved the flat he set his war time girlfriend up in. Wasn't Noel Coward a neighbour ?

EyeballsintheSky Mon 01-Sep-08 23:59:53

It'd have to go forward to 1954, the end of rationing and all that. See how Gary has coped with 9 straight years in the past with no luxuries.

2shoes Tue 02-Sep-08 14:47:50

i love that

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