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'Me Too' I HATE it.

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potatofactory Tue 26-Aug-08 09:07:11

Seriously. Why does that stupid woman have to say 'Hello Honey Pie' like that at the beginning. It makes me shudder as if a spider were crawling up my back. Why? Who thought it was a good idea? I suppose they made the programme to show children (like my own dd very soon) who get looked after by other people that it's normal and fine. Commendable, I'm sure, but does the woman have to be so annoying. And why don't these people know the way to work?

Advice please for what's good on cbeebies (or I may consider channels 2 or 5) as it's all new to us. Obviously we already watch 'In The Night Garden' (I like the tombliboos best).

Can't believe that woman, who was good, off Corrie, has ended up washing buses on 'me too'. That can't be a step in the right direction, surely...


chelsygirl Tue 26-Aug-08 09:08:08

potato, you need a job grin

SixTimesDown Tue 26-Aug-08 09:11:40

OOOOOOOOOh me too! grin

Try Doodle Doo (Chris is luverly)

Charlie and Lola

64 Zoo lane

Pablo The Little Red Fox

pippypoppypanda Tue 26-Aug-08 09:12:45

balamory is worse. believe me, wait til u hear miss hooley if u think granny murray is annoying

pippypoppypanda Tue 26-Aug-08 09:13:42


SixTimesDown Tue 26-Aug-08 09:14:23

Pinky Dinky Doo

Mister Maker



LazyLinePainterJane Tue 26-Aug-08 09:14:35

It is an awful programme, but DS loves it grin. He's very into transport and they have a taxi, train, buses and Dr Juno (really, what sort of person insists their friends call them DR?!!?) rides a bike so he's sorted!

Phoenix Tue 26-Aug-08 09:16:01

Me too wink

My ds loves it though. He loves it when Granny Murray says 'hello honey pie' hmm

I hate all CBeebies lol. The songs are so catchy and i know them all blushgrin

SixTimesDown Tue 26-Aug-08 09:16:19

Big Barn Farm

Razzle Dazzle

Come Outside

Step Inside

Phoenix Tue 26-Aug-08 09:18:38

It's finished now thank god

Oh but bloody Justin is on now hmm

sherby Tue 26-Aug-08 09:18:46

I can't abide Granny Murray 'oooo whos coming home to granny today'

oh feck off

pippypoppypanda Tue 26-Aug-08 09:18:59

Me and my ds tend to switch between cbeebies and milkshake on 5. He likes that cos u get Noddy, Thomas and Roary the Racing car - also Mio Mao which is my personal fave grin

SixTimesDown Tue 26-Aug-08 09:19:44

avoid like the plague


Space fecking Pirates

Tikkabilla <<shudder>>

Carrie and Davids Popshop (though to be fair Ds loves it, and I did nearly pml the first time I saw it, so does have some merit.

pippypoppypanda Tue 26-Aug-08 09:20:33

Phoenix - dont get me started on Justin he's on just about every bloody programme including tweenies, he could have at least disguised his voice a bit more!!!

SixTimesDown Tue 26-Aug-08 09:21:13

Its like I've been watching Beebies for 4 years just to answer this question. grin

Phoenix Tue 26-Aug-08 09:22:09

I wish ds would watch another channel but he has a paddy if i try turn CBeebies off I once put Nick Jnr on and he watched Thomas but then i realised Nick has adverts and he was asking for every toy that came on so i put CBeebies back on

Phoenix Tue 26-Aug-08 09:23:03

My friends dd has a toy that we're sure has Justins voice on it.

pippypoppypanda Tue 26-Aug-08 09:23:36

hmm yes the adverts are a put off - especially effing lelli kelly

pippypoppypanda Tue 26-Aug-08 09:24:29

OMG phoenix was is a steering wheel which sang dinah won't u blow .......

potatofactory Tue 26-Aug-08 09:47:20

Some excellent advice, thanks! I know what to avoid, what a wealth of knowledge I've tapped into! wink.

Is Justin the smiley man?

pippypoppypanda Tue 26-Aug-08 09:49:07

Yes AKA Mr Tumble angry

Phoenix Tue 26-Aug-08 12:26:30

There's a new line up on CBeebies from Monday. Me Too is going But Balamory is back .

ITNG is back in the bedtime hour though

PuppyMonkey Tue 26-Aug-08 12:28:56

Phoenix - You have just made my entire autumn. ITNG back at bedtime where it belongs. Yippeeeeeeeee!!!

I am the only person I know who HATES 64, Zoo Lane. It's dull.

potatofactory Tue 26-Aug-08 12:46:40

I've got to say those numberjacks look like an annoying bunch of worthy, computer-animated swots. They'd have got beaten up in my day. grin

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